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NFL Player Slams US, Encourages Kneeling During Anthem - Tucker Carlson Destroys Him

There was a time when notes to the 'Star Spangled Banner' would begin, and everyone would automatically and unquestionably rise up to salute the flag and honor the country, as well as those who sacrificed for it. The National Anthem has become a source of major controversy in recent years, though, with more and more people deciding to 'opt out' of the show of respect.

One big controversy is whether this is a good protest to get children involved in, and one Fox News host is questioning where that message might lead.

Ex-NFL player Freddie Mitchell, also known as 'Fred-Ex' (because he always delivers), appeared on Fox talk show 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'. This time, Mitchell wasn't talking football. The former Philadelphia Eagle was there to deliver his opinion on protesting the national anthem.

Host Tucker Carlson told Mitchell that it's a given that adults should have the right to protest. He asked Mitchell about his opinion on a youth football team who recently made news for 'opting out' of the anthem on the field.

Carlson argued that the young players in the peewee league, who were about five and six years old, weren't really protesting, but were just following the example of adults.

"And what does that mean for our future?" Carlson asked. "These kids are the future, just like those loopy college kids you see on the show once in a while. What's this country going to be like in 30 years, when they're in control and have been taught all this nonsense? It's terrifying."

Mitchell argued in support of the protests, which have become a trend in pro-sports, and have been followed by school sports teams. "The oppression that African-Americans and other races are getting in America, it's bad," Mitchell responded. "And I think America can be, it can be great again if you stop the racial profiling, if you stop a lot of things that’s happening in America. We can both stand now."

Carlson asked Mitchell if America was so bad and so racist, why do millions of immigrants of all colors want so desperately to come to the country?

Mitchell responded that America isn't all bad, but police brutality and police actions that have resulted in the death of a number of African-Americans in high-profile cases.

"It just seems like an overstatement. I understand people are upset about specific cases where people are killed by the police," Carlson says.

"But Tucker, you could never understand. You could never understand. You don’t live it," Mitchell responded.

"Well, actually I can understand cause I am an American, OK, whatever," said Carlson. That answer didn't sit well with Mitchell and the argument got heated.

"I'm an American, and I have... Don't pull that crap on me," said Carlson.

"You can understand that, but I live it though," Mitchell told the show host.

The coach of the peewee league, Orlando Gooden, insists that the kids approached him about kneeling during the anthem because they saw Colin Kaepernick, former San Francisco 49er, do it on TV. "I felt like it was a good teaching moment for me to circle the team and have a meeting," he said.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photo: YouTube, Bleeding Green Nation, Facebook, Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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