Man Claims He's A Time Traveler From 2030 - And Passes Lie Detector Test

A mysterious man who has made some predictions about the near future claims he's not making predictions: he says he knows what's going to happen, because he was there. The man claims to be a time traveler from 2030, just 12 short years into our future.

Skeptics have scoffed at the time traveler's claims, but in an interesting turn of events he passed a lie detector test.

The man, known only as 'Noah', says he begins time traveling in 2021. The technology exists now, but it has not yet been made public. He says he has most recently come back from 2030 and he knows what's in store for us.

In an interview with Apex TV on YouTube, the man says that President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020. He claims that electronic currency, specifically Bitcoin, will become more common, but people will still be using physical money in the future.

He also tells us that humans will finally begin colonizing Mars in 2028, and by then we'll have made contact with intelligent alien life.

He agreed to answer questions with Apex TV while hooked up to a polygraph test. The results surprisingly showed that Noah is likely telling the truth — or at least he thinks he is.

The way polygraph machines work, sensors pick up variations in a person's pulse, blood pressure, breathing and perspiration rate. All of these are known to change when someone begins lying.

It takes a serious Zen master to exhibit enough control over the body to avoid lies from being detected.

In other words, just because Noah passed the test doesn't mean his story is true. It’s possible he may be a Zen master, but there’s a simpler possibility.  He could have passed the test if he's insane.

If he truly believes he's from 2030 and that he's been time traveling, that could explain why the answers to the questions during the test register as truthful. It doesn't necessarily mean it actually happened; it only means that Noah could be a believer in his own delusions.

Many of Noah's claims sounded fairly rational. For the most part, he says life goes on as usual. We're still using fossil fuels, though alternative energy options are on the rise and becoming more efficient.

Technology, too, becomes more efficient. There are some breakthroughs in curing diseases, but no definitive eradications of cancer and the like. Global warming has made North America hotter, but cooled off Europe, and the planet is still inhabitable.

In other interviews, however, when not hooked up to a polygraph, Noah's claims have been harder to swallow. Though his face is blurred in interviews and his voice disguised, he appears to be a fairly young man.

In an interview with Paranormal Elite, he claims he's actually 50-years-old. He says he had anorexia and took an age rejuvenation drug, which makes him appear 25-years-old.

Some people are just interested in what year that drug will be coming out. Others on Apex TV are calling fraud.  

"You can see Noah fidgeting around with the monitors strapped around his fingers and I myself know from first hand experience that when you take a lie detector test you are supposed to sit back and remain completely still," noted one person.

"You need to show the name of the lie detector and go through the stages of setting up the test," said another.

One person pointed out that there should be a follow up on bits of information Noah gave, such as the name of the president in 2030. When asked who will hold the office in his time, the name 'Ilana Remikee' quickly tumbled from his lips. Some have suggested searching for that person.

"2030 is not that far off so what was the name of the president he gave, [they] should be very much alive right now," one YouTuber noted.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: YouTube

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