This Judge Blocked Trump's Travel Ban, Immediately Regrets His Decision

President Donald Trump's efforts to temporarily ban travel from seven countries in order to improve vetting procedures continues to be shot down by judges. The latest judge to put a federal stop on the travel ban is Hawaii District Court Judge Derrick Watson. Now calls to boycott the state have begun.

The hashtag #BoycottHawaii is making its rounds on twitter ever since Judge Watson ruled Trump's order unconstitutional. Watson was a classmate of former President Barack Obama at Harvard and was appointed to his bench by Obama in 2012.

It's unclear if the call for a boycott actually comes from disgruntled conservatives, or if it came from a liberal trolling conservatives who were upset about the ruling. Either way, it's catching on.

"Yes many "Deplorables" travel. I have been to #Hawaii several times. #BoycottHawaii," wrote one Twitter user.

"#BoycottHawaii trump needs to cut federal funding to hawaii," said another tweet.

"Me my wife and three other couples have just canceled our April trip to Hawaii they are not getting any of my money," reported one traveler, who finished his tweet with a middle finger emoji.

Liberals, who have pretty much been the party of ridiculous boycotts and protests in these last few years, criticized the #boycottHawaii movement.

"Really? Gosh you guys sure do boycott a lot of things. And liberals are the ones who need a safe space, sheesh!" tweeted one person.

"The people who sincerely want to #BoycottHawaii are precisely the people Hawaiians don't want raiding their islands anyway tbh," reported another.

"#BoycottHawaii wah, wah, that judge is being mean to me, wah wah," cried one person in a tweet.

The current trend of boycotting anything remotely connected to a person who offers an opinion you disagree with has become increasingly popular. Chik Fil A and Hobby Lobby were targets of boycotts because of the owners having Christian conservative views. Starbucks was boycotted when the CEO vowed to hire more immigrants and refugees rather than more Americans, and they were also boycotted when they failed to write 'Merry Christmas' on their red holiday cups. Ivanka Trump's fashion line is being boycotted by people who dislike her father, and fashion designers have claimed that they're boycotting Melania Trump by refusing to dress the First Lady.

The problem with boycotts, however, is that they're often counter-productive in the current state of division. When one group announces a boycott, even bigger groups of people who object to the boycott show up to show support. It wouldn’t be surprising if this boycott gave a boost to Hawaii tourism.

Source: Inquisitr
Photo: The Star-Advertiser

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