Jimmy Kimmel Claims Talk Show Hosts Are Liberal Because They Are Intelligent

Comedic talk show host Jimmy Kimmel made some interesting remarks over the weekend. Some think it's probably the funniest thing he's ever said, but not in a good way.

Kimmel got slapped down by conservative Ben Shapiro for saying that being a talk show host requires intelligence. According to Kimmel, his job takes real brains, which is why he and ‘all’ of his fellow talk show hosts are liberals.

“It just so happens that almost every talk show host is a liberal and that’s because it requires a level of intelligence,” Kimmel said in an interview on 'Pod Save America'.

The podcast was created by former Obama staffers, and tends to lean extremely left. Kimmel fit right in. He’s used his show as a platform to slam conservatives and promote liberal and progressive agendas since he’s been on the air, and he seems to think that it’s a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, the talk show host doesn’t have brains enough to realize that real world issues and politics are a little more complicated than parroting talking points from one side of the political aisle.

It’s no surprise that Kimmel is more politically challenged than he gives himself credit for being; apparently his knowledge of talk show hosts does not extend beyond early afternoon fluff or late-night entertainment shows. He seems to forget that hosts like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Greg Gutfeld, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Larry Elder, Jill Nicholson, Diane Rehm, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Adam Corrola, etc., exist on other television stations and on radio.

Perhap he wasn’t aware that conservative (and in many cases, far more serious) talk show hosts exist because Kimmel isn't up to more serious talks about politics. He may prefer the political rants and pot-shots of comedians and celebrities, and only those who happen to agree with his politics, rather than an honest discussion that delves more deeply into topics than one-liners.

To each his own, but Kimmel should probably be aware that there’s more to political talk shows than himself, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah.    

The idea that conservatives are not intelligent enough to be talk show hosts didn't get past sarcastic conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, however.

"Yeah that must be it," Shapiro tweeted in response to Kimmel's comments. "Careers that ooze intelligence: 3. Rocket scientist 2. Neurosurgeon 1. Late night host who says funny things writers write for him."

"The only thing that is actually funny is that talk show hosts believe they are intelligent," responded one person on Twitter.

"It takes a genius to host a show that always ended with girls jumping on trampolines," said another.

"I’d love to see @jimmykimmel throw down with @benshapiro in a battle of brains," said another.

Many echoed that last sentiment. "I'd love to see Jimmy Kimmel debate Ben Shapiro on anything and then tell me who's more intelligent," said another person.

One commenter got much praise for nailing the iron.

"It's a little ironic that, in reality, there are lots of intelligent people who are liberal, lots who are conservative, and lots who are 'other' - and that it takes even more intelligence to conclude that political persuasion is not caused by intelligence (or the lack thereof)," he said.

Source: The Blaze
Photo: YouTube

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