Ivanka Trump Can’t Catch A Break - Receives More Bad News

Over the last couple of weeks, Ivanka Trump’s brand has been disappearing from retail shelves and catalogues. A growing number of companies are confirming that they’ve dropped the first daughter’s brand and have no plans to reintroduce it anytime in the future. Some companies, like Nordstrom, says it wasn’t a personal reaction to Ms. Trump’s politics, or, more to the point, her father’s politics; it was because the brands were no longer selling. Anti-Trump supporters have been organizing boycotts across the country, so it’s no surprise.

The latest to the list of companies nixing the Trump name is Burlington Coat Factory. Ivanka’s products have been erased from the website. Other companies, like T.J. Maxx, have removed signs with the Trump name, but are still quietly slipping the fashion queen’s brand onto the racks where they’re not so obvious.

If you’re a fan of Ivanka Trump’s brand, or if you simply want to stage your own anti-boycott and support Ms. Trump’s line of clothing, shoes, fragrances, jewelry and accessories, you’re not out of luck yet. There are some places where you can still find the rapidly disappearing fashions.

Amazon.com has not made any announcements for or against Ivanka’s brand, but the online megastore is carrying on with business as usual. Trump’s designs are still listed among the merchandise. Likewise, with other popular online-only retailers, Overstock.com and Heels.com.

Bloomingdales, Bluefly, Bon-Ton, Century 21, Dillards, Hudson Bay, Saks OFF 5th, Lord & Taylor, Perfumania, SteinMart, Walmart and Zappos all continue to carry Ivanka’s brand, either online or in stores.

You can buy an Ivanka Trump diaper bag at Bed, Bath & Beyond’s website.

Macy’s is still selling Ivanka Trump’s apparel and shoes on their website, however they have dropped President Donald Trump’s line after he made a comment about Mexicans that stirred up outrage.

Ms. Trump has put her companies in a blind trust while and her husband, Jared Kushner, are living in Washington D.C. and working on her father’s staff. To avoid an emoluments issue, she can’t speak out right now, defend her brand or run her company, but the boycotts have not driven it into the ground yet.

Source: USA Today
Photo: Flickr

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