Gillibrand Pressed By Ladies Of The View Over Clinton And Trump Sexual Harassment Scandals

Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand appeared on the daytime talk show 'The View' and was grilled by both Democratic and Republican hosts. The Senator, who many speculate will be running for president in 2020, has taken on a major role in advocating for victims of sexual abuse and harassment. The hosts argued that there has been a double-standard at play.

Comedian Joyce Behar jumped at Gillibrand immediately to ask why she called for her colleague, Democratic Senator Al Franken, to resign immediately amidst accusations of sexual harassment, but has not called for President Donald Trump to resign. Gillibrand argued that the same standards should apply.

Franken resigned from the Senate on January second after multiple women came forward to complain he kissed or grabbed them inappropriately. One photo surfaced showing Franken pretending to grope Leeann Tweeden's breasts while she was asleep on an aircraft.

Franken admitted to the misconduct and apologized for it before being pushed to resign.

Trump has been accused of 19 women of sexual misconduct, which were made during the campaign or after the election. Trump denies all accusations. To date, no evidence of actual wrongdoing has been made public.

Conservative Megan McCain grilled Gillibrand over her loyalty to the Clintons over the years, despite numerous controversies.

"Senator, you have dedicated your political career to this fight, obviously," said McCain. "That's why a lot of people were really surprised that it took you 20 years to say that Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Lewinsky scandal."

Gillibrand was always a staunch supporter of the Clintons, and only recently, in the wake of the #MeToo movement, admitted that former President Bill Clinton should have resigned after the Monica Lewinski scandal broke.

"I think this moment of time we're in is very different," said Gillibrand. "I don't think we had the same conversation back then, the same lens, we didn't hold people accountable in the same way that this moment is demanding today. And I think all of us — or many of us — didn't have that same lens, myself included."

McCain also asked the senator what she thought of the recent allegations against Hillary Clinton. According to reports, a senior staff member of Clinton had sexually harassed another staff member during her 2008 campaign.

Clinton didn't fire the man and helped to cover up for the misconduct. He was later fired from a Clinton super PAC for sexual harassment. Some argue that Clinton allowing her staff member to get away with the behavior gave him the opportunity to victimize other women.

Gillibrand, who previously campaigned with Clinton and called her a mentor, says she doesn't have all the details about the staff member's misconduct.

"I don't know if the punishment she chose was the right punishment," she said before changing the subject.

"But what it does bring us to talk about is this issue of workplace harassment," she continued.

Gillibrand was among the first Democratic party members to speak out against members of her own party in the wake of scandals. She endured a lot of criticism for condemning her colleagues and fellow party members, but she led the charge that many other Democrats eventually followed when it became clear that defending or deflecting such allegations were not going to fly anymore in the wake of the Weinstein scandal.

"It's not about any one president and it's not about any one industry," Gillibrand told the ladies of ‘The View’. "And if we reduce it to that, we are missing the opportunity to allow women to be heard, to allow women to have accountability and transparency, and to allow women to have justice."

Source: Business Insider
Photo: YouTube

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