Fox Host Posts Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Obama's 'Secret Sperm'

Fox News Host and conservative commentator, Sean Hannity, has long been mocked by the left and written off as a right-wing conspiracy theorist. He's also celebrated by the right for shining a spotlight on corruption by harping on stories that more liberal-leaning media attempts to bury.

But this week, Hannity had people on both sides of the aisle scratching their heads when he posted an article about former President Barack Obama having a 'secret sperm' in his White House portrait.

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery unveiled the official portraits of former President Barack Obama and former Firsts Lady Michelle this week. The portraits were a stark break with tradition.

Instead of the usual formal portrait of the president standing in the White House in a suit, Mr. Obama's artist, Kehinde Wiley, opted to place him in a cluster of ivy and blossoms. Obama is sitting on a chair, leaning forward, and not wearing a tie.

An article on Hannity.com appeared shortly after the unveiling saying the portrait was full of 'inappropriate sexual innuendo'.

One particular innuendo pointed out was the rich textile or wallpaper backgrounds whose patterns he has likened to 'abstractions of sperm'. He also notes that a wrinkle on Obama's temple, which some might mistake for a vein, is actually a secret sperm swimming around on the former POTUS's head.

Wiley, Hannity says, joked about 'killing Whitey' in the past. It's true that the artist has been somewhat controversial; in a previous series, he painted black women beheading white women. But few felt that the painting was as riddled with hidden sperm as the article seemed to say.

People on Twitter were quick to mock Hannity for his feigned outrage and conspiratorial cries about secret sperm images.

"To be fair, Sean Hannity thinks he sees sperm everywhere," tweeted actor Michael McKean.

"Can we all agree that Hannity and the "secret sperm" story is the best part of infrastructure week so far?" added Charlie Sykes.

"Secret sperm thing is an example of one of oldest expressions of racism in America: white anxieties about blackness/black masculinity tied to fear of literal sperm's potential to dilute whiteness in America. Which is all you need to know re Sean Hannity's worries re Barack Obama," noted one Twitter user.

The article was later deleted from the website. Hannity issued a statement saying that he didn't write it and hadn't reviewed it before it was posted.

"Earlier today my web staff posted content that was not reviewed by me before publication. It does not reflect my voice and message and, therefore, I had it taken down," he reported.

Even after Hannity took the article down, however, the mockery kept coming.

"I guess Sean Hannity can't keep track of all the voices in his head I guess," one tweet read.

"To staff for powerful jerks, beware: Today, EPA's Pruitt blamed his 1st-class air tickets on staff. Hannity blamed his nutjob sperm/sexually innuendo/portrait post on staff. The White House blamed the Porter crisis on staff. “The buck stops here”now only applies to real money," warned Peter Gleick, climate scientist.

"So just to recap. Fox News’ Sean Hannity today claimed that there were “secret sperm” hidden in President Obama’s new portrait. Hannity even posted a picture of the “secret sperm” he found. The problem? Obama has a bulging vein in his temple that multiple photos show to be real," another person announced.


Source: Raw Story
Photo: YouTube

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