FLOTUS Makes Friends With Giant Pandas During Trip To Beijing Zoo

It’s always nice to receive a warm welcome when you travel to a foreign land, and that’s certainly been the case for the First Couple. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are in the midst of a lengthy overseas trip to Asia, and they have been received quite warmly at each and every stop.

We can only imagine that it must be a welcome respite from the day-to-day grind of the spotlight that’s constantly shone on them over on our shores.

The political environment across the country remains rather contentious, and that’s led to less than flattering coverage of the Trumps. While those that occupy the White House always face intense scrutiny, it’s even more pronounced since Trump entered office.

There’s plenty of reasons for that, but it’s leading to some unsightly side effects. Namely, respect for the White House and the office of the presidency is on a downward spiral.

While the president is far from innocent in the contentious rhetoric department, there have been far too many examples of folks crossing the line when it comes to discussions about Trump. This is true for members of the media, elected officials, and even ordinary folks across social media.

Trump inspires a ton of passion, but that passion is being misconstrued as a green light to blatantly disregard and disrespect the authority of the president. If we compare and contrast that with how the First Couple has been treated on overseas visits, it’s the equivalent of night and day.

As Inside Edition shares, FLOTUS took some time to take in the sights while they were in China. As you would expect, her appearance at the Beijing Zoo attracted a crowd, and she was greeted by an adorable group of schoolchildren that were quite excited to meet her.

The kids would perform a couple of songs for her, and the First Lady would respond with some small tokens of appreciation.

“You have a panda here, we have an eagle in the United States," she said, as she presented the kids with some small eagle toys.

Speaking of pandas, the First Lady got up close and personal with one of them, while another panda figured out a way not to get left out. A photo of that awesome panda has gone viral, and it’s sparked a ton of reaction online.

“Best. Photobombing. EVER #Panda #Melania,” wrote one user.

“Get you someone who looks at you the way this panda looks at Melania,” shared another commenter.

As she left, Melania would leave behind a little note on a poster to commemorate the memorable day.

"Thank you to the Beijing Zoo! Wonderful to meet Gu Gu!" she wrote.

Of course, this is just an interesting aside from a lengthy overseas trip. The bigger takeaway is how well the Trumps have been received at each and every stop. Does that mean that everyone overseas agrees with everything the president is doing?

Of course not, but they don’t allow the disagreements to cloud their judgement and cross the line while expressing them.

Source: Inside Edition, The Hill
Photos: YouTube, The White House

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