Family Demands Apology From Teacher Because He Spelled Hillary Clinton's Name Incorrectly

One young student, as part of a class assignment, wanted to write a letter to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She wasn't sure where to send the letter and asked her teacher for help.

When the student got the envelope back from the teacher, she didn't notice anything was wrong. Later, at home, she saw an intentional misspelling in Clinton's name, and it made her and her family furious.

Mary Reinard, an 11-year-old from Sunbury, Pennsylvania, penned the letter to the former presidential candidate because she heard that Clinton reportedly spoke to the dead. Because she lost a baby sister 10 years ago, Reinard wanted to know if it was true.

When Reinard finished writing the letter, she asked her teacher, Benjamin Attinger, for help in addressing it. She wanted to make sure it went to the right place. The teacher helped by addressing the letter for her.

The little girl was all set to mail her letter when she noticed something. It wasn't addressed to 'Hillary Rodham Clinton'. It was addressed to 'Hiliar Rodham Clinton'.

Attinger intentionally misspelled the name 'Hillary' to call the public figure a liar. Reinard said if her letter went out like that, she would have been mortified.

“I would have felt embarrassed,” she said. “I wouldn’t have been able to go to school for a week.”

Her mother, 35-year-old Shannon Reinard, said she thinks it is highly inappropriate for a teacher to inject his politics into the classroom.

“He can write a letter himself and call her a liar,” she said. “Don’t channel it through my 11-year-old daughter.”

Shawn Reinard, the girl's father, said he didn't vote in the 2016 election, but he would have probably supported Trump. Initially he thought the wordplay was amusing, but when he saw how upset his daughter was he got upset with the teacher.

“I’m angry,” he said. “Whether I agree or not, you keep that out of school. His student asked him for help, and he failed as a teacher. At minimum, he owes my little girl a public apology.”

The Reinards met with the teacher and officials from the school district on Tuesday. They got an official apology, but they want people to hear the message.

Teachers need to be careful about how they influence their students when it comes to politics. It's not their job to indoctrinate kids.

Attinger says he didn't realize it would cause a controversy. “When I addressed it, I put liar in the name because I was telling her it [talking to the dead] wasn’t true,” he reportedly said.

“It was kind of a joke. I didn’t really expect it to be taken the way that apparently she took it. I apologize,” he concluded.

Clinton never actually said she spoke to the spirits of the dead, though an off-hand comment by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, sparked rumors when he said his wife regularly conversed with Eleanor Roosevelt. Ms. Clinton reportedly performed meditative visualization exercises in which she imagined herself speaking to people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi as a means of brainstorming.

But considering the little girl’s family history, that’s also probably something teachers should leave for parents to discuss with her.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Rob Inglis/Daily Item, ABC News

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