Donut Store Chain Offers Up Food For Thought To NFL Players

President Donald Trump received a ton of backlash for his response to the National Anthem controversy that has consumed the National Football League. Whether you’re a fan of Trump’s response or not, there’s no denying that he has directly led to a much-needed conversation on the issue between the league and its players - and that’s a lot more than can be said in comparison to before he got involved. The NFL was turning a blind eye to things, in spite of the fact that many fans felt alienated by the protests.

The furor has died down for the most part, and we’re a lot closer to resolution than we’ve ever been. That doesn’t mean that there’s not plenty of discussion still going on about the issue. It’s quite the opposite, and some folks are going the extra mile to get their point across. We can include this regional donut chain in that category.

As Fox News Insider shares, York, PA-based Maple Donuts has made its stance on the issue crystal clear, thanks to a number of billboards that have popped up along the US Route 30 corridor.

"Maple Donuts takes a stand not a knee," the billboards read.

Unsurprisingly, the chain’s stance has sparked a conversation on social media.

"I wish the owner of Maple Donuts wouldn't use race as a wedge issue," said one user.

The billboard makes no mention of race, but it does point out a displeasure with the fact that some players have decided to sit or kneel for the playing of the anthem for various reasons. There’s a big difference between taking umbrage with that fact and holding racist viewpoints, but that’s a whole separate story. As for the billboards, Jim Nelson, a manager for Maple Donuts, notes that it falls in line with the company’s values.

"We're a very patriotic company. We fly the flag every day," he said. "It just went right in line with our company values."

Joe Oaster, owner of local business Porky's Place, is a veteran himself, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with the billboards.

"He takes advantage of current events and incorporates it with his advertising, and he's done some really cool things, and you can`t blame him for that. That's good business, I think," he told Fox 43. "I don't see race in that at all. We can all look at an apple and see different things."

Other local residents have hit the same notes when asked for their thoughts on the billboards.

''I didn't think about it as a race thing. I thought about it more as a football thing. It could be misinterpreted," said one resident.

As for Nelson, he points out that the billboards aren’t meant to be divisive at all.

"Absolutely not. Charlie and our company is 100 percent patriotic. It's pushing the envelope a little bit, and Charlie's personality is coming out in those billboards,” he said.

The players have had their say. Maple Donuts has had theirs. It’s unclear why the latter’s would be more divisive than the former’s.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photo: YouTube

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