Don Jr. Shares Pic Depicting His Dad As Superhero, Reaction Is Not Kind

Bizarre things being shared on social media are part of what makes the world go round, but it seems to go round a whole lot faster when such things are shared by famous folks. If the strange post just so happens to do with President Donald Trump, you can be sure that there will be a firestorm brewing in no time. Such was the case when Donald Trump Jr. shared something incredibly odd on Friday night. As the Daily Mail shares, he shared a rendering of a Time magazine cover that depicted his dad as a superhero.

Strangely, the commander-in-chief was being depicted as a superhero with the phrase ‘Making America Great Again.’ Oh - and the president also had a beard in the rendering for unclear reasons. Trump Jr. shared the post in matter-of-fact fashion. No word on whether he was prepared for what came next.

“Have a great weekend everyone,” he wrote.

It didn’t take long for some users on social media to come across his odd post. Reaction was not all that kind.

“What in the wide world of f*** is this,” shared one user.

“Hmmm... Was it hanging in the lobby at Mar-a-Lago?” wrote a commenter.

“Alt-right porn is so weird,” chimed in another poster.

There were actually some users that absolutely loved it, and they were sure to drop their two cents in.

“Love this photo of our brave heart! We the American Patriots love our President and his family! Long live our President Donald J. Trump!” wrote one user.

The scant praise was pretty muted in relation to the enormous amount of negative reactions that Trump Jr.’s contribution to society generated.

“It’s the most amazing example of a magazine ever. There’s NEVER been a cover more amazing. It’s bigley amazing! It hangs in my golf clubs!” shared one commenter.

“I'll never be able to look at Superman the same way now. Dammit, Trump!” posted another user.

“Relatable. When I'm under FBI investigation I like to bide my time by fetishizing my dad in eroticized viking cosplay,” said one poster.

It remains unclear why Trump Jr. felt the need to share this. While he’s obviously a huge admirer of his dear old dad, this is a bit over the top - to say the least. We can only speculate as to the reasons, but we’ll lean towards the fact that Trump Jr. hasn’t been exactly shy about defending his father on social media.

We’ll assume that he knew this would spark a reaction. As such, the little firestorm he created may have provided him with a source of entertainment throughout the weekend. On that note, perhaps he just thought it was funny, and the fact that it would get a rise out of the masses was too tough to resist. Regardless of his reasoning, Trump Jr. received a ton of attention for his little post. We’ll consider the fact that we’ll never be able to look at Superman the same as unfortunate collateral damage.

Source: Yahoo, Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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