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Do You Notice What's Off With This Photo Of Melania And Queen Rania?

First Lady Melania Trump made a rare appearance at the White House on Wednesday to play hostess to guests King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan. Yahoo! News posted a photo of the two women, asking, "What's Wrong With This Photo of Melania Trump and Queen Rania?"

Now take a close look at the photo—do you see anything wrong with it? Go ahead, look again; look hard. See anything?

Neither do we.

Many are wondering-- what is wrong with the photo, indeed? Both Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Abdullah are fashion icons, looking stunning in their suits. Melania wore a long-sleeved, emerald-green belted dress with black heels. The queen wore a high collar black dress with white piping and neckline.

It was really hard to figure out exactly what the Yahoo! writing staff was talking about until they finally got to the point in their articles. Commenters call for the media source to stop making much ado about nothing.

The POTUS and the King met to discuss the dire situation in Syria and antiterrorism measures. A photo was snapped of the two world leaders sitting for a press conference in the Oval Office. The president and king are seated in chairs, while behind them stand the two ladies.

Someone tweeted a picture of the photo, calling the composition 'so weird'. Yahoo! picked it up and perpetuated the idea that because the women stood behind the world leaders that there was something inherently 'wrong' with the moment.

Yahoo! was subsequently slammed with comments from people pointing out that this is a non-issue.

"To the writer of this article: There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this photo, so why are you asking?" one commenter said.

"What's weird about it? Should they stand in front of them, sit on their laps? It's not about them at the moment so they're in the background,” read another comment.

"Yahoo there is always a negative on your reporting of anything Trump!!!! Leave it alone, leave the First Lady alone, you are getting more creepy every article. The Ladies were beautiful and enjoyed their meeting. Both are gorgeous ladies, classy and style!!" said another.

These kinds of headlines are clickbait, with Trump haters just grasping at straws for some reason to criticize the president and his family.

Melania Trump was a self-made woman before she even married Donald Trump. Granted, she wasn’t a billionaire (few people are), but she did have a very successful career as an international fashion model. The woman speaks five languages. She went from a modest upbringing in Slovenia and is now the First Lady of the United States of America—the embodiment of the ‘American Dream’.

She's long been a philanthropist, involved in charities that support the arts, the American Red Cross and the Police Athletic League. She's also a devoted mother who, despite her wealth and status, takes a very hands-on approach to raising her son.

Queen Rania had a degree in business and has led a number of initiatives to promote education. She's the chairperson of the first interactive children's museum in Jordan, and has been the steam engine behind her country's efforts to refurbish more than 500 schools.

In this day and age when the media advocates treating women with as much respect as men, it’s unimaginable that not one accomplishment of these amazing ladies were listed. Rather, the entire article judged them based on their physical positions relative to the men in their lives at one meeting.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: Twitter, White House, DFID - UK/Flickr

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