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Diners Scramble For Selfies With Jared And Ivanka, But The DC Power Couple Isn't Having It

When you’re a famous face, there’s no such thing as sneaking out for a quick bite to eat without causing a stir. While that’s always been true to an extent, it’s even more readily apparent in the modern world.

Virtually everyone has a smartphone these days, and the devices make it oh so easy to snap a pic or capture some video in seconds. Inevitably, those photos and videos will end up on social media.

Today’s always-connected world makes that a necessity in the minds of many, and the famous faces can find themselves captured in some unexpected situations as a result.

Such was the case when DC power couple Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump went out for a bite to eat at a trendy restaurant in the nation’s capital named Momofuku. Diners were agog at the sight of the spouses and White House advisers, and the phones quickly came out.

As the Washington Post shares, scores of diners did their best to slyly capture selfies of themselves with Jared and Ivanka in the background, and that made for a rather uncomfortable and awkward situation.

The couple would eventually move so that they were out of sight in a bid for some privacy. Unsurprisingly, they’re now on the receiving end of some backlash for taking such a step.

But should they be? While it’s easy to judge from afar and make it seem as if the couple was acting like a pair of elitists that simply couldn’t be bothered with the little people, the reality is vastly different when one attempts to take a stroll in their shoes.

Let’s suppose you and your sweetie went out for a date night. One - or both of you - just so happens to have a modicum of fame.

Other diners catch wind of your presence in the restaurant, and you are faced with an endless stream of interruptions from those that just have to share with the world that they were there when you were. Don’t you suppose that could quickly cross the line into being annoying?

Anyone can push through and smile gracefully a couple of times, but to have that happen for the entire meal?

Let’s just say it’s not too hard to see that morphing into an uncomfortable situation that makes you feel as if you want to hightail it out of there as fast as possible. It’s pretty obvious that’s how Jared and Ivanka felt, and they decided that the only way to make the best of things was to get themselves out of the line of sight.

The chances of them finding anything resembling privacy in a public setting are between slim and none, and it’s not too hard to see that becoming a burden after a while.

Few will shed tears for Jared and Ivanka, nor should they. It’s a simple reality of their high-profiles and the world we live in, and those that spend time on the public stage need to come to terms with that risk.

Some folks manage to become quite amenable to the demands on their time from a curious public, while others respond by only stepping out in public rarely. For those that always have their cell phones at the ready to snap and share away, it wouldn’t hurt to keep that in mind when you cross paths with the famous folks of the world.

Source: Express, Washington Post
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube

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