Democrats Are Presented With A New Choice Of Slogans - Raises Lots Of Eyebrows

The Democrats have been scrambling to rebrand themselves and organize a message to help them relate to the American people. The party is still in shock because, even though the Republicans are drawing a great deal of criticism, the Democrats continue to lose seat after seat to the GOP. In the last seven years, the Democrats have lost more than 1,000 seats at the state and federal government level. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is desperately trying to turn things around for the midterm election, but what they've come up with has been met with a collective groan of disappointment from members of their party.

The DCCC tried to generate a bit of excitement for the 2018 midterm election by releasing a choice of bumper stickers. They sent an email to members of the Democratic party, asking them to choose which one they prefer to be printed and distributed. Out of four suggestions, there were four major flops.

The suggestions were so bad that people thought they were a joke. It is impossible to believe that the four campaign slogans were the absolute best that the DCCC could come up with.

"IS this a joke?" someone asked on Twitter. "This can't be real."

“Is this a real ad from them? Or somebody's satire?” someone else asked.

"it's very real, just arrived in my inbox," someone added.

One suggestion was the powerful two-word slogan, "Resist; Persist."

This didn't go over well. Many liberals feel the Democratic party has been doing too much finger-pointing and complaining about Republicans, instead of forming their own positive message.

"Serious question for Dem Friends: is the message for 2018 just going to be 'We don't like Donald Trump?' Don't think that'll be enough," responded one person to the suggestion.

Another pitch was a blue bumper sticker that said, "She persisted; we resisted."

This didn't sit well with people who believe Clinton is over, and the DCCC needs to stop dragging her out and propping her up on the lawn. In the midterms, considering Clinton lost, it's a fairly meaningless phrase.

"'She Persisted, We Resisted' is right up there with "Love Trump's Hate'," pointed out one Twitter user.

"Make congress blue again," was another suggestion. This has been selling t-shirts and hats, but some worry that copying Republicans is not really the way to go.

The one that got the worst reception is a bumper sticker that reads, "Democrats: 2018," followed by, "I mean, have you seen the other guy?"

"Not exactly the most inspiring political slogan," one person tweeted.

Someone made a mock bumper sticker changing the last line to, "Democrats 2018; We f--king suck, but get a load of those other guys, amirite?"

Conservatives naturally had a field day with the slogans. “One is just a copy of trumps idea, one is whataboutery and 2 are about resisting democracy. 2018 might be easier than we thought,” wrote one Republican.

One conservative retweeted it, adding the comment, “LOL Republicans may never lose again.”

Source: Independent Journal Review, Newsweek
Photo: Twitter

Recipients were less than thrilled.

Many wondered if they were a joke.

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