Democratic Lawmakers Played Games And Surfed Social Media During State Of The Union Address

Members of Congress make six-figure salaries, but some of them have been caught goofing off on the job. During President Donald Trump's State of the Union address, three congresswomen were spotted using their phones. One was playing Candy Crush.

Someone snapped a photo from above, catching Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence deep into the game Candy Crush on her iPhone. This might not have been embarrassing, except for the fact that she was sitting at the State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Social media armchair detectives are trying to determine what level she's on.

Lawrence has long boasted about her experience. Before being elected to congress she worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 30 years. She's now drawing $174,000 per year salary — you can buy a lot of gold bars with that on the Candy Crush app.

Her office hasn't responded to questions about the congresswoman’s gaming habits.

Congresswoman Lawrence wasn't the only one caught goofing off during President Donald Trump's speech. New Jersey Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman sat next to her and appeared to be on Twitter.

A close-up of a picture of her from above shows she's reading responses to her tweets about Trump being a 'white nationalist'.  

Ohio Rep. Joyce Beatty decided to check out a proposed press release that reacted to the speech. It's a little odd that the reaction could have been drafted already when the speech had only just begun.

Watson Coleman's office didn't respond to requests for comments, but Beatty's spokesperson reported that the congresswoman had already read Trump's speech in its entirety.

"That State of the Union is put out an hour in advance, so Democrats and Republicans can read along," the spokesperson told the Daily Mail. "And while the speech was going on, she was putting together a statement in response."

The speech proved to be a platform for partisan posturing. It seems that Democrats had already made up their minds before going into it that they weren't going to like it and were going to slam the president for whatever he would say.  

Many Democrats arrived dressed in black and looked more like they were attending a funeral. They sat, looking morose, refusing to clap for anything.

It’s understandable that Democrats weren’t enthusiastic about many of President Trump’s policies and goals, but they even sat glumly when the president thanked veterans, celebrated members of the Armed Forces, recognizing honored guests and when he welcomed back Congressman Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip who had been shot while practicing for the annual charity Congressional Baseball Game.

At one point, President Trump even looked over to the Democrats’ side of the room and encouraged them to stand and cheer, but they refused.

Republicans, on the other hand, seemed to watch the speech with rapt attention, smiles, and could barely contain their cheers. Practically every other sentence uttered by the president brought them to their feet.

Media reaction to the speech was as split down party lines as it was with lawmakers. After the speech, liberal-leaning media slammed Trump’s comments and statements, while conservative media sources praised the President.

Public opinion, surprisingly, was very favorable. According to CBS, three out of four of U.S. residents approved of the speech. It looks like Democrats might want to put down their phones and get to work.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: YouTube

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