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Community Thinks Homeowner's Halloween Display Is Threatening Political Message

Halloween is supposed to be a time for scary decorations, but some people may hit the nail on the head a little too well. One homeowner in Utah decided to base his decorating theme around a popular movie franchise. He based his display on a film that came out last year and pulled it all together. Frightened neighbors didn't get it, however, and have branded him a racist. He might not get too many trick or treaters this year.

Kady Rogers was looking for an easy but effective theme for his Halloween decor, so he decided to go with the horror movie franchise 'The Purge' as his inspiration. 'The Purge' is a series of dystopian horror films in which one night per year, all laws are suspended and anarchy reigns. Everything that takes place on that night, including murder, is legal.

Specifically, the 22-year-old Roy City resident was inspired by the third and most recent film in the franchise: 'The Purge: Election Year. The film came out last year in November, during election season, and capitalized on the political tensions surrounding the 2016 presidential election.

For decorations, Rogers hung a giant sheet over the garage with the words, "Make America Great Again; Purge and Purify." He flanked that display by two large flags. He hung sheets in the windows with similar messages and had bloody handprints on the windows as well.

When neighbors saw the display, the movie is not what came to mind. Many were completely horrified. Nathan Peterson lives across the street from the home and said he believes the display is racist.

"Shock, complete shock," he said was his reaction to KUTV.

Another neighbor, Jared Taylor, told The Salt Lake Tribune that he and his wife thought the display looked 'menacing' and was a 'Trump-movement thing'.

A number of locals posted on Roy City's Facebook page to complain about the Halloween decor. Many found it offensive and downright frightening. Some people are calling the city to action.

“I was just wondering if there is anything can be done about this?” asked Kelsey Nielsen.

Rogers says he was shocked that anyone thought his display was racist. He is a Republican, he says, and he did support Donald Trump, but he argues that his display is strictly inspired by the films and not politics.

"This is not racist," Rogers told the Tribune. "This is not racial in any way, shape or form. I am not a racist … It's not a political statement, nothing."

“It’s just as if I hang a witch on my door, or have a big old pumpkin in my front yard,” Rogers said. "I want to celebrate Halloween.”

Some locals have come to Rogers' defense. Matthew Cale says he gets it, and people are going overboard.

"This is a man taking fire for a mere Halloween decoration," Cale said in the Facebook video. "He's receiving death threats and the controversy is already rolling in. I fully support Kade, I support anybody's freedom of speech to put whatever you want on your house in the spirit of Halloween. Make it as gory as you like, make it as politically correct as you like, I really don't care."

After the uproar, Rogers did tweak his decoration. He changed the wording on his sign from 'Make America Great Again', Trump's campaign slogan, to 'Keep America Great', the slogan of the film. But other than that slight alteration he says he has no intention of taking the display down until after Halloween.

Source: Newsmax
Photo: Newsmax Screenshot, YouTube

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