Al Sharpton Says Confederate Monuments Insult His Family

Common sense dictates that one should have all of their own ducks in a row prior to railing against a particular topic. Failure to do so opens you up to an enormous amount of criticism, and your overall credibility can take a beating as well.

Despite those pitfalls, many that live in glass houses feel the need to sling rocks. You know what happens next. They get mercilessly called out on it, especially in today’s always connected world.

As The Blaze shares, the Rev. Al Sharpton is the latest case study we can point to for rock tossers. In the wake of Charlottesville, the debate over Confederate monuments became a national talking point. Sharpton was among the many that joined in the fun to offer up his thoughts, including what he shared during an interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose.

“This is personal to us. My great-grandfather was a slave in South Carolina,” he said. “People need to understand that people were enslaved.”

Fair enough. Many folks have made the exact same argument. It’s not an argument that can be easily dismissed, but rather one that should be talked about in a civilized manner that leads to real solutions.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a whole lot of that of late. We’ve seen plenty of yelling and finger pointing, but very few instances of rational talk.

Sharpton would go on to explain something else that gets him hot under the collar about monuments in general.

“Public monuments [to people like Jefferson] are supported by public funds,” he added. “You’re asking me to subsidize the insult to my family.”

Normally, a statement such as that would provide additional support for the argument. It didn’t in Sharpton’s case. Why’s that? Let’s just say that he seems to suffer from amnesia when it’s time to pay the tax man. Scores of users on social media didn’t forget that fact, and they proceeded to eviscerate Sharpton.

“Al Sharpton should pay his back taxes before he preaches on public funds,” shared one user.

“When did he start paying taxes?” added another commenter.

“Tell Al Sharpton to pay all his back taxes first,” chimed in another user.

Fair or not, Sharpton’s inability to successfully navigate his own tax liabilities makes that part of the argument laughable - at least coming from him. If Sharpton didn’t have troubles in that regard, perhaps his remarks would be seen as having more substance.

Instead, it comes across as just another talking point from someone that doesn’t necessarily practice what they preach.

“Al Sharpton needs to pay his taxes before he has a say in what the government funds,” wrote one user.

“Al Sharpton has no say - he does not pay his taxes, should actually be in jail,” shared one commenter.

It’s pretty stunning that Sharpton didn’t consider this little tidbit before engaging in his little rant against monuments. Looks like another rock thrower will have to figure out what to do about all that shattered glass.

Source: The Blaze, Fox News
Photo: YouTube, GF, Elveret Barnes,

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