According To This MSNBC Analyst, Here's How Mueller's Team Will Ultimately Get Trump

The investigation being led by special counsel Robert Mueller shows absolutely no signs of being wrapped up anytime soon. What once was supposed to be a mere gathering of facts on whether or not there was any collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian operatives aimed at impacting the 2016 presidential election has morphed in a number of different directions.

Quite simply, it appears that Mueller has free reign to look into anything and anything he chooses when it comes to Trump.

Ever since the Mueller investigation began, there have been a number of so-called bombshell stories making the rounds that he had come across something resembling a smoking gun. Eventually, the stories fizzle out and die a slow death, as they seem to be heavy on speculation but incredibly lacking in facts.

There remain a ton of questions as to how such stories make the rounds in the first place - given that Mueller’s work is supposed to be top secret and all - but the cycle continues to go round and round like a broken washing machine.

All the while, the talking heads on cable news yammer about the investigation on an endless loop. There’s an endless amount of speculation about the investigation itself, and any little tidbit that winds up getting leaked sends the hype machine into overdrive.

Panel after panel is devoted to arguing over what it all means, but there remains nothing resembling clear-cut answers. Nonetheless, cable news is never devoid of opinions on how this is all going to turn out.

As Raw Story shares, one recent panel on MSNBC took yer another stab at solving the Rubik’s cube that is the Mueller investigation. Host Nicolle Wallace kicked things off by bringing up the latest scuttlebutt.

Rumors are swirling that POTUS may sit down for a chat with Mueller, and that, of course, has led to an endless amount of pontificating about what all of that means.

“Is there is any legal way from keeping Trump from a face-to-face,” she asked.

MSNBC regular contributor Jason Johnson was first up to the plate, and he explained how he thinks things are going to go.

“They are afraid of a Lester Holt moment. They’re afraid."

He continued, "Look, Robert Mueller doesn’t have to be the closer, right? But you get Donald Trump in a room and you poke his ego, you frustrate him — he is going to say something.”

“And if it doesn’t get him in trouble, it might get someone in trouble, someone in the administration in trouble.”

New York Times correspondent Peter Baker was next up, and he basically concurred with Johnson’s assessment: Mueller’s going to sit with Trump, and it’s essentially game over from that point.

“We’ve seen Donald Trump in litigation in the past,” Baker said.

“He’s been sued many times as a businessman and often said things in depositions that contradict things he’s said in public. You can’t get away with that now.”

So should we start writing Trump’s political obituary based on the latest rumors and speculation? Nah.

We have no idea how this is all going to play out, nor do those that travel from panel to panel in the world of cable news. They’re simply throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and hoping that a strand or two sticks, and that doesn’t point to someone that knows what’s really going on.

Source: Raw Story
Photo: ABC, YouTube

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