Fox News Personality Attempts To Make Point About Colin Kaepernick - It Doesn't Go Well

Unemployed football player Colin Kaepernick was recently bestowed with the title of ‘Citizen of the Year’ by GQ magazine. Similar to the unclear reasons that surround Kaepernick’s claim to fame - his reasons for kneeling for the National Anthem - there’s a lack of clarity as to why the magazine would choose him over literally tens of thousands of more worthy recipients.

The decision by the magazine has prompted a rather healthy debate. As always, that debate has given rise to some questionable commentary.

As the Huffington Post shares, Fox News personality Tomi Lahren has been eviscerated for her attempt at making a point. Lahren would share a photoshopped image of Kaepernick kneeling at the site of the D-Day invasion from World War II, and that photo would include the title from GQ. She captioned the photo for more clarity.

“Food for thought,” she wrote.

While the post may have made a ton of sense in her mind, it didn’t come across all that well. Needless to say, users on social media were none too kind in response.

“This does not qualify as an actual thought,” shared one user.

“And your service to America has been exactly what? Whining?” wrote another commenter.

“As a veteran I don't feel disrespected by those who kneel to protest injustice. I do feel disrespected by Trump pissing on the Constitution,” added one poster.

Lahren is a relatively controversial conservative commentator, and she’s made no secret of her displeasure with Kaepernick in the past. She’s entitled to her opinions, and scores of observers happen to agree with her.

However, there’s a large difference between providing additional context to support your stance and intentionally attempting to stir the pot. Lahren chose the latter with her post, and she was called out as a result.

“The fact that you think this is a thought shows how dumb you are,” wrote one user.

“It’s thanksgiving, give us a break with your hate mongering bullshit and go be with loved ones if you have anyone who stands being around you,” posted a commenter.

“One- those guys fought to protect our right to protest, two- kneeling is a sign of respect, three- it's kind of disrespectful to manipulate and use the images of soldiers fighting and dying just to encourage further incivility at dinner tables across the county,” shared another user.

The Kaepernick topic is a rather contentious one, so there’s a good chance that Lahren would have been the subject of scorn and ridicule by those that don’t agree with her regardless of what she had to say. However, that doesn’t justify her questionable post.

There’s plenty of shade that can be thrown on things such as Kaepernick, GQ’s decision, and anthem protests, but this wasn’t the way to do it.

That’s partially because the conversation has run its course. Those that think one way or the other on Kaepernick aren’t going to have their minds changed with a simple post.

Having him adorn the cover of a magazine with a ridiculous title is not going to change opinions either. It may lead to a ton of unsold magazines, but that’s another story for another day.

Source: HuffPost
Photo: YouTube, Tomi Lahren/Twitter

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