POTUS Is Not On Guest List For Upcoming Climate Change Summit

President Donald Trump certainly has no shortage of events to keep him occupied since entering the Oval Office, as his calendar is completely jam-packed with things to tend to. However, he can cross one item off of the list - that is, if he reserved any space for it to begin with.

As Fox News Insider shares, Trump is not on the guest list for an upcoming climate change summit in France.

The summit will bring together more than one hundred countries, as well as a host of non-governmental organizations, but there’s one notable omission from the list.

Reports indicate that Trump is not invited "for the time being," but officials are quick to note that the world’s lone superpower will have a presence at the summit.

"The United States have a bit of a special status for that summit," one official noted.

That invitation will likely be extended at a lower level than the office of the president, and we would imagine that the US will be sending a delegation to attend. That said, is Trump being blatantly snubbed here?

That’s unclear, but it can’t be ruled out as a possibility. Earlier this year, Trump made a ton of headlines when he withdrew the US from the non-binding 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Critics were quick to pounce, and Trump’s decision was met with all sorts of doom and gloom prophecies. From Trump’s perspective, the agreement amounted to a whole lot of talk, as it was a non-binding agreement that does absolutely nothing to reel in two of the world’s largest polluters.

From the perspective of critics, Trump’s decision will surely lead to environmental catastrophes of biblical proportions.

If that sounds hyperbolic, that’s because it is. Trump has not completely thumbed his nose at being part of some kind of pact, as he’s noted that he’ll revisit it at a later date. For this agreement in particular, he noted that it’s "very unfair at the highest level to the United States."

Since Trump has made it crystal clear that the interests of the US are his top priority as commander-in-chief, it shouldn’t be all that surprising if he wants to take a closer look at things to ensure our nation’s best interests are being served.

Didn’t the Paris Climate change agreement already do that? As seems to be the case with everything these days, the answer to that questions depends on partisan leanings. Those that are completely sold on climate change as being a serious problem feel that the agreement is of the utmost necessity.

Those opposed to the deal point out that there are conflicting reports about whether or not the impacts of climate change are man-made or a natural occurrence.

In short, it doesn’t look like the commander-in-chief will be attending this summit, but the US will still have a presence. As to whether or not anything of significance results from the summit as a whole, we’ll have to wait and see what transpires.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photo: YouTube

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