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Report: Ivanka Trump's Signature Real Estate Deals Tied To Dirty Money

The hits keep on coming for First Daughter Ivanka Trump, but this time it’s a tad more serious than the routine daily thrashing she receives on social media. A new report alleges that a pair of Ivanka’s signature real estate deals are tied to dirty money.

As the Inquisitr shares, the report claims that the projects earned millions of dollars from drug cartels and through unseemly things such as money laundering.

The projects were of the international variety, and included one that her father, President Donald Trump, viewed as her ‘baby.’ That deal, the Trump Ocean Club in Panama, was not exactly a smashing success, as the board of directors would part ways with Trump’s management company, citing improper bonuses and budget overruns.

The other project, Trump Tower Baku in Azerbaijan, has been dubbed as “Trump’s worst deal.” by the New Yorker. It’s noted that Ivanka “personally approved everything” in regards to that deal.

Alright, so poor management and awful decisions aren’t exactly a crime. So what’s the big deal here? For the project in Azerbaijan, there are claims swirling around from both the Azeri dictatorship and those close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that the deal is tied to money laundering.

As for the Panama project, the same allegations are making the rounds on money laundering, with this one having ties to South American drug cartels.

“Trump’s business approach, has been to lease his name and for him and his family to drum up sales in some of the world’s dirty money hotspots, in some instances aided — knowingly or unwittingly — by networks of money launderers,” according to anti-corruption group Global Witness.

“The result is that Trump’s current wealth has depended in part on securing significant infusions of untraceable foreign funds.”

To be clear, there’s nothing to suggest that the Trumps went out of their way to wash themselves in dirty money, but there are plenty of insinuations that a ton of red flags were either missed or dismissed for Ivanka’s pet projects.

No comment has been forthcoming from Ivanka or the White House as of yet, and it’s unclear if there are any plans to address it.

From a bottom line perspective, it’s a horrible look for Ivanka and the White House. Assuming the report is on the money, she either missed clear warning signs or chose to disregard them. Neither one of those actions will giver her or her father’s wealth of critics warm and fuzzy feelings, nor should they.

At a minimum, it points to some serious judgement problems. That being said, we should wait until additional details emerge on these deals - and or a direct statement from Ivanka - prior to passing final judgement.

Last week, Ivanka made some headlines with her pointed response to the salacious allegations swirling around Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore.

“There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children,” she said. “I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.”

Source: Think Progress, Inquisitr
Photo: YouTube, Twitter

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