The 2016 Presidential Duel May Come Down to Jeb and Hillary

As the players in the 2016 Presidential race begin to emerge, more people are starting to harken back to the politically tame days of the 90s. The two biggest names in the coming Presidential election are Bush and Clinton. Getting déjà vu yet? Hillary Clinton, who has been a political player for years is set to square off with Jeb Bush, brother of George W. and son of George H.W. Bush. In many polls, these two names are the ones that keep coming up and that most people want to see.

While Hillary has little competition in getting the nomination of her party, Jeb seems to have a bit more hurdles to jump. He is going up against Tea Party favorite Rand Paul. Paul has gained a lot of attention for his Libertarian views and his push to audit the Federal Reserve. For many traditional Republicans, the obvious choice for the nomination is Bush, due to his name recognition and somewhat tame point of view.

As the election begins to draw closer, you will probably start seeing Hillary take on a more candidate like tone and trying to attach Bush on some of the Glitches in his voting record. Although Bush will have no trouble in attacking Hillary on a whole host of issues such as the handling of the Benghazi scandal among others. If the last election is an indicator, it is sure to get ugly fast and with these two political dynasties set to go head to head again, it will be very interesting to watch.

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