Message On Customer's Receipt Goes Beyond Offensive - It's Disturbing

A man went into a restaurant in Florida and placed an order. When he got his receipt, he found a message at the bottom of the receipt that shocked him, and maybe even made him a little nervous.

Still, he was up to the challenge and appreciated the joke.

These days, when restaurant cashiers write messages on the receipts, it's not usually good news. People have shown receipts complaining that the counter person made racial slurs, fat-shamed them or called them mean-spirited names.

But sometimes, the cashier is just trolling you in a friendly way. Logan Doan got a pretty funny message on the bottom of the receipt that some people might even find a little scary.

Doan, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, went to a Thai street food stall. Authentic Thai food can be extremely spicy, but restaurants are in the habit of toning it down for Americans. Doan knows this, but he likes the spices turned up, so he requested that the chef make his lunch extra hot.

When he got back his receipt, it shows he ordered '1 Pad Thai', and there were 17 entries below that reading 'spicy' - no charge for each of those, of course.

The funny man at the register wasn't done though. At the bottom of the receipt, in the 'name' field, the cashier wrote, "Make him regret being born."

When Doan got the meal and the receipt back, he couldn't help but be amused - and a bit apprehensive to dig in. The box had even been emblazoned with flames for him. He could see a pile of red pepper flakes on top of his noodles.

The man snapped some photos of the food and the receipt and posted them online. They went viral and many were curious about how the noodles were.

Brave Doan actually ate the dish and said it wasn't that bad. Either the chef was just messing with the Floridian as well, or Doan has an iron stomach. "Some folks in my office thought I was crazy for eating it, but I didn't really get a rush from it."

It's always a treat to look down at your receipt and find a friendly joke written on it. One mom found that a restaurant worker deducted $5 off the bill for a line entry that read 'well-behaved kids'.

One Steak n Shake cashier wrote that her customer, who came in for a double western BBQ burger, was 'High as F--k'.

One person who went for a Twisted Root Burger got a few unexpected deductions off their $6.74 bill. The cashier deducted six cents for 'nicest person', 16 cents for 'best looking', 32 cents for 'best butt' and 11 cents for 'great smile'. That added up to a generous discount of 65 cents.

One cashier on a receipt that doesn't show the name of the restaurant waxed poetic. The worker included a little haiku. "Haikus are easy /but sometimes they don't make sense /refrigerator," the note read.

That's definitely one for the refrigerator door.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Dan4th Nicholas/Flickr, Mostaque Chowdhury/Flickr, Reddit, PxHere, Pinterest

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