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Don Jr.'s Daughter Picks What Will Undoubtedly Be A Popular Halloween Costume

It may be hard to believe, but Halloween is right around the corner. Another year is going by in a flash, and it will be time to get ready for one of the highlights of the Fall season before we know it.

Of course, those that like to get ahead of things already have their costumes picked out. We can include Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter in that category, and you won’t believe what she has chosen.

As the Daily Mail shares, Don Jr. took to social media to share an adorable snap of his three-year-old little girl Chloe, who has her heart set on knocking it out of the park with her choice of costume this year.

“If this isn't the funniest thing I've ever seen, I don't know what is," he captioned the image. "Chloe apparently has decided on her Halloween costume... and she loves her Grandpa. #halloween #costume #daddysgirl #kids #trump #maga #MakeHalloweenGreatAgain,” he wrote.

In the photo, Chloe is wearing a mask that represents her grandfather, who just so happens to be the President of the United States. We can safely assume that other folks will be making the same choice when they visit some costume stores. We can expect to see President Donald Trumps aplenty when it comes time for Halloween-themed parties and trick-or-treat.

Based on Don Jr.’s hashtag, we’ll assume he feels this will help make Halloween great again, but we can also safely assume that not everyone will be sharing his enthusiasm. In any event, he’s been quite active on social media of late, and his kids have been a big focus of his posts.

“Spent the day going through clothes (it's amazing how much you accumulate with 5 kids) to donate to those impacted by #hurricane #harvey and Vanessa and I came across some old #Halloween costumes. Needless to say Chloe jumped all over it and we may be keeping these gems,” read one post.

“Early ice cream b-day party for my man Tristan. When the sugar kicks in it's going to get ugly. #birthday #boy #icecream #party,” read another post.

Don Jr. made some headlines back in September when it was announced that he was passing on Secret Service protection in a bid for some more privacy. It’s a curious decision, but it was even more curious to have such information shared for the press.

We’ll assume whoever felt the need to do such a thing had a really good reason for doing so, but no amount of head scratching has helped us come up with an acceptable one.

Either way, Don Jr. is clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. While he may want some time out of the public eye so to speak, it’s not like he’s completely disappeared or anything. Fame can become overwhelming at times, and we can only assume that’s exacerbated tenfold when your father is the leader of the free world.

If a little down time helps him sort through the responsibilities that naturally come along with that, then we’re all for it.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Instagram

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