19-Year-Old "Biggest Loser" Winner Sam Rouen Still Trim At 29

Australian Sam Rouen has become famous for his amazing transformation from “chunk to hunk.” However, Sam wants the world to know that his physical appearance wasn’t the only thing that changed dramatically.

Keep in mind that Rouen began his ling weight loss journey on the “The Biggest Loser” TV program as a 19-year-old weighing a shocking 340 pounds.

However, the strong-willed Aussie teen ended up as the “The Biggest Loser” winner, and he ended up shedding a mind-boggling 157-pounds. Not surprisingly, Sam looked drastically different after losing all that weight.

By losing all that weight, Sam was a healthier and happier person, and had a routine to fall back on. However, the best news is that losing all the weight and getting in shape has allowed Sam to pursue his dreams as well.

Rouen had always dreamed of becoming a firefighter. But he knew there was no way that was ever going to happen as long as he was obese.

But Sam stuck with his routine, lost the weight, and eventually realized his dream of becoming a firefighter. Moreover, not only did that dream eventually come true, Sam was even invited to be a model in photo shoots for the Australian Firefighters’ Calendar.

Sam honestly discussed his experience working as a model. He says that being photographed wasn’t really a comfortable experience given his personal history.

“I still don’t like taking my shirt off — even at the beach. I’m still extremely self-conscious … I just tried to keep in mind that it was for a good cause,” explained in an interview with a major Australian media source.

In an appearance on Australian TV’s “Studio 10,” Rouen was asked if he ever felt sad for “the boy in the photo” when they showed him a pic of himself as a notably obese teen.

Rouen told the interviewers that he was sad he had let himself “get to that stage”, and said that he was sure he missed out on some things as a teen due to his weight.

The now-29-year-old also noted his appreciation for his positive experience on the “The Biggest Loser” program. Of interest, he also commented he’d been able to lose and maintain his weight on his own.

Rouen remarked: “It would have been great to have done it over again and never to have needed to go on that and just sort of been healthy all alongside.”

Now that it’s been a solid decade since the “The Biggest Loser”, Rouen commented on his Facebook page about the last ten years of his life which started with his reality television appearance on the program.

“So much has happened, good, bad, everything between. Highest highs and lowest lows,” Rouen posted on FB.

He went on to note: “All I know is I’ve got some amazing people in my corner and I’m unconditionally appreciative of that.”

Last but not least Rouen wants everyone to know that winning “The Biggest Loser” wasn’t the end of his dreams, but really just the beginning, because being healthy has led to many opportunities and opened many doors he simply wouldn’t have had access to had he not committed to improving himself a decade ago.

Source: Shareably
Photo: Sam Rouen

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