Couple Turns Old Abandoned Church into Stunning Family Home

In Northern England, St. Nicholas Church had sat abandoned for ages. The church, originally built in 1790's, had been neglected and was falling into rubble. One couple looked at the Northumberland building and didn't see ruins; they saw a potentially beautiful home.

They purchased the property in 2002, and have realized their vision for the space. The transformation is incredible.

Ian Bottomley and Sally Onions are the proud owners of the historic property, and their detail-focused flip has made the once decaying church into a stunning residents. They maintained the integrity of the 18th century basilica as much as possible, with a few upgrades to make it a comfortable place to live.

Talk about open concept, the huge living room and dining room sit where pews once did. Those pews, along with some original roof timbers, were reclaimed and used to build one of the two kitchens that the building boasts. It sits in the vestry, with an ocean view.

The skyrocketing ceilings provide ample space, but to keep it practical to heat the family added underfloor heating and a large, log-burning stove.

Looking over the dining and living room is an enviable master bedroom. If you had a home like this, you might not want to block your view with walls, either. The king-size bed sits where the altar once was, a few stone steps up.

With eight newly-added stained-glass window panels backing it, the bedroom looks positively regal.

There are four more bedrooms, including a guest room, but possibly the most exciting room in the house is a bathroom. The French bathroom, split over three levels, looks more like a luxury spa than anything you'd find in a private residence.

The tub overlooks massive stained-glass windows, which let in plenty of colorful light. A bath in the tub must be a spiritual experience.

The church sits upon an acre of land, which includes a large garden and outbuildings. The couple allows people to tour the spectacular home.

Converting old buildings not meant to be residences into restored historic homes with a modern flair seems to be something of a trend these days. More and more you’ll see people converting old churches, schoolhouses, warehouses, barns and factories into unique residences

In Texas, Bruce Townsley converted an old nuclear missile silo into his home. Townsley, originally from Chicago, liked to restore old homes and was seeking a challenge.

Another Texas resident converted an old Locomotive car into a ranch house. Making the residence bigger, a more modern structure was built around the old train car.

In Alexandria, Virginia, and 1855 firehouse has been converted to a swanky, contemporary home. The old fire pole is even still there- a spiral staircase has been built around it to make it a little more convenient, though.

In a village in Belgian, one creative person converted a 98' tall water tower from World War II into a single family home.

Sometimes the old buildings can come at a bargain price, but buyer beware: restoration efforts rarely come cheap, and it can take a while before a person can whip a dilapidated structure into a safe, livable space. It can take even longer to make it comfortable and beautiful. But if you have the means and the time, it can be well worth it.

Source: Little Things
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