Woman Stalker Sent Man 65,000 Texts Saying She Wanted to 'Bathe In His Blood'

An online match turned into a major nightmare for one Arizona man after the woman began stalking him. She started bombarding him with texts, which got more extreme and threatening as time went on.

She finally moved on from texting and cross the line when she showed up at his house with a butcher knife. The woman has now been arrested, and says she only thought she'd found her soul mate.

Jacqueline Ades met the unnamed Paradise Valley, Arizona resident on an unknown online dating app. The two went out and had one date, but that was the end of the very brief relationship.

The 31-year-old woman could not let go, however.

It is unclear at this point if the man ever tried to contact Ades again after the date, but things got scary when her texts began to blow up his phone. Before he knew it, he was getting some 500 text per day from the woman, and they were becoming increasingly harassing and violent.

“U do whatever u have to do to get here…but don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you… I don’t wanna be a murderer!!!” read one message

I hope you die,” read another.

“Rotten filthy Jew…. Lololol I’m like the new Hitler… man was a genius,” said an anti-Semitic message.

“I’d wear ur fascia n the top of ur skull n ur hands n feet” and “oh what would I do w ur blood…Id wanna bathe in it,” she said in another text.

After about 65,000 texts, Ades began taking even more disturbing actions. The man went on vacation, and when he got home he found that Ades had broken into his house.

She was caught on home security footage bathing in his tub.

The man also called police when she was stalking him and police arrived and found her in her car. She had a butcher knife in the seat next to her. She was then arrested, but released. She never showed up for her court date.

Ades has been arrested again, and has been charged with threatening, stalking, harassment and failure to appear. She's being held without bond.

In a bizarre press conference from jail, Ades called her victim her 'soul mate', her 'ex-boyfriend', and says how she loves him, though he is the 'meanest person I've ever met'. She claims she was just texting him and that he is not a victim.

"I felt like I met my soulmate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine," she told CBS News.

The woman’s bizarre Instagram posts might have been a clue to her mental state. Trying to break in as an Instagram model, Ades put up many photos of herself in which she made odd comments about conspiracy theories she believed.

"The only​ people who don't use money, are the very few in the Illuminati. They invented money to enslave the entire population of human," she wrote in one post.

"Atlantis is INSIDE THE EARTH. it is the SOUL of the earth," read another. "The Dead Sea is actually the battery to Atlantis. And Atlantis is the battery to the earth. The earths water is supposed to be the battery of the universe. Every planet is supposed to be alive!!!"

Source: Heavy
Photos: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Instagram, YouTube

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