Reality Family Killed By One Of Their Own

Disturbing news has surfaced about a family that was featured on a reality show. Apparently, one member killed his relatives, and then he turned the gun on himself.

The show 'Wife Swap' had an interesting premise. The ABC reality program that first aired in 2004 would dig up two quirky families who had drastically different lifestyles. The mom from each family would be 'swapped' and sent to live with the other family for two weeks. They have paired vegetarians with hunters, slobs with neat freaks, and, in one case, a devoutly religious, conservative family with a free-spirited liberal family.

Things didn't turn out very well for the religious family. One son is suspected of murdering his mother and brother before trying to kill himself.

Jacob Stockdale was found by police with a gunshot wound that appears to be self-inflicted. He remains in critical condition at Cleveland hospital.

Also on the scene, they found the bodies of Stockdale's mother, Kathryn (54) and younger brother James (21). Both had been shot dead.

The 25-year-old man, his mother and brother were part of a family band. The family played Kentucky bluegrass music. They were booked through the summer with concert dates.

Timothy Stockdale, the family patriarch, says he can't understand what Jacob's motives would be. He was unaware of any problems leading up to the shooting.

Stockdale put out a statement paying tribute to his deceased wife. "Kathy has been my beloved wife of 32 years and a wonderful mother to our four sons. She loved nothing more than being a mother and grandmother. She had a strong love of learning and was passionate about her Christian faith, natural health, and organic farming."

Eldest son Calvin Stockdale paid tribute to his brother James, saying in a statement, "James, our youngest brother, has always been a catalyst of family fun. Aside from being a gifted musician, James enjoyed dancing and had an innate love of people. James was working on a business degree and hoped to go into the business side of entertainment. He leaves behind many friends and a family that love him dearly."

Calvin also says of his brother Jacob, "...we are praying for his physical recovery as our family makes funeral plans and begins the healing process."

Police are having a difficult time determining the motive behind the murder-suicide attempt. "It's hard to surmise what the motive may have been," said Stark County Sheriff George T. Maier. "There's some speculation."

Officers found the body after following up on a 911 hang-up call. As they approached the family home, they spotted someone through an open door, then heard a gunshot go off.

When the family appeared on 'Wife Swap' in 2008, the parents were painted as extremely strict. The boys were required to do chores in order to earn tokens, which they could then exchange for time listening to a radio. They were extremely restricted on what kind of music they could enjoy.

“I don’t think my parents would allow me to listen to pop," said James at the time.

“We do not allow any cussing. I think that dating has physical dangers like pregnancy. It’s not worth it,” said Kathryn.

Source: CBS News
Photo: NBC 4

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