'Policeman' Approaches Children Offering Strange Gifts from His Pocket

Abdi Waise was released two years early after served six years of his eight-year sentence only to be arrested for trying to kidnap children a few weeks later in London.

The 28-year-old illegal Somali immigrant was supposed to be deported after serving his sentence for raping a woman in 2008. Three weeks later he kidnapped a schoolgirl and tried to abduct several other kids within a two and a half hour period, according to Mail Online.

He first chased down a 10-year-old offering some money and marijuana if he went with him at 7:30 a.m. Then he stopped and searched a girl’s bag claiming to be a police officer and followed her until she was able to point him out of her parents.

Just a few minutes after that, he grabbed another by the wrist saying he was a police officer looking for his daughter. She managed to escape. By 80:30 a.m. he blocked a pathway of two girls and accused them of buying drugs. He tried to lure them to a nearby garden to search them but they ran away.

After that he tried to kidnap and grab two girls and tried to get a group of boys to give girls “poppers” and said “If you give it to girls you can do what you want to them.” He was charged and convicted of supplying class-B drugs, one count of kidnap and four counts of attempted kidnap.

Source: Mad World News
Photo: MailOnline

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