Man Walks Into Police Station, Makes Terrifying Confession

A man walked into a police station and told officers that he was ready to confess to a horrific crime.

South African courts have heard four separate cases of human cannibalism recently. More frightening, hundreds of people in the area have confessed to knowingly eating human flesh obtained from one of the four cannibals. Authorities believe the crimes to be related to the occult.

Four men have been arrested and an investigation has been launched into a cannibalism crime wave in South Africa. The killings are referred to by local authorities as 'muti' killings, or killings and cannibalism as a traditional form of cultural folk healing found in some parts of the continent.

The first of the four key suspects were arrested earlier this month in Durban. Police found him with a human head in his backpack. He was allegedly planning to sell the head to a traditional healer.

Another of the suspects walked into a local police station on Friday and told them, "I’m tired of eating human flesh.”

When police began questioning the suspect, he produced a bag in which he was carrying parts of a human leg and hand.

The man who grew weary of cannibalism led police to a house in which more human remains were found. This led to the arrest of two other suspects: a 'witch doctor', or local folk healer, known locally as a nyanga, and a man suspected of murder.

The four suspects are Nino Mbatha, 32; Lindokuhle Masondo, 32; Sthembiso Sithole, 31; and 30-year-old Lungisani Magubane. Mbatha, the witch doctor, and two of the other suspects have been charged with murder and possession of human organs and tissue. The fourth, the one who turned himself in to police and assisted in the investigation (it is unclear which man that was), was charged with possession of human organs and tissue. They've also been charged with conspiracy for allegedly raping, killing, mutilating and eating the body of one woman.

There is a bail hearing set for the suspects on August 28.

Since the arrests, some 300 people have confessed to police that they visited the witch doctor and knowingly consumed human flesh upon his orders. Others have come forward to confess to digging up graves and giving remains to the witch doctor upon his request.

Mbatha would tell the villagers that helping him by exhuming the graves would help protect them from harm, make them stronger and wealthier.

Ward councilor Mthembeni Majola is disturbed by the unfolding events. “We don’t know what to do or who to trust,” Majola told the newspaper. “This has happened within our community.”

The Occult-Related Crime Unit has taken over the case and is now investigating. Investigators believe the four men are just parts of a much larger crime syndicate that involves murder, as well as sale and distribution of human remains for consumption.

On Wednesday, a fifth arrest was made in what is believed to be a related case. The latest person arrested is, like Mbatha, a witch doctor who allegedly works with human remains.

Police are urging people with missing family members in the community to come forward in hopes of identifying victims.

Source: Metro, Newsweek
Photo: YouTube

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