Wife's Shocking Assault on Husband's Pregnant Mistress Goes Viral, Horrifying Viewers

It's understandable that a woman would become furious if she found out that her husband was cheating on her, but sometimes women misdirect their anger. Instead of getting mad at the man for breaking vows, lying and being unfaithful, they target the woman who he cheated with.

Women who don't want to lose their husband or boyfriend might take out their aggressions on the mistress, who they see as the true cause of the problem. In some countries, it's common for jilted wives to launch a brutal attack on the mistress.

One woman in China was livid when she found out her husband not only cheated on her but got the other woman pregnant. She got a few friends together and ambushed the mistress on the street.

The video clip shows about five women attacking a younger woman in a purple dress. They knock her to the ground and begin beating her.

One woman who is believed to be the wife is wearing huge heels. She begins stomping and walking on the young woman's stomach.

"I can't take it. I am pregnant!" the young woman yelled, but it only caused the angry wife to stomp even harder.

Of all the people watching and passing by, only one man tries half-heartedly to intervene. He grabs the victim by the arm and attempts to pull her away from the assailants. This doesn't deter the women beating her, though. They just continue the assault.

The women begin stripping the younger woman naked and continue to beat her. One begins spanking her. The one believed to be the wife punches the alleged mistress in the stomach.

The three-minute video is so violent it's difficult to watch. The exact location of where the video was shot is unknown, and the people in it have not been identified, but it looked like an authentic attack.

The mistress, by the end, is bleeding from the mouth. It's unclear what happened to the mistress after the attack if she went to the hospital or got any medical attention, and as of yet no reports of any arrests have been made.

Sadly, in some countries, these kinds of attacks are common. Angry wives will go after their husband’s lover or even just a woman to whom they suspect he might be attracted.

They often employ the help of a friend or two, or their own family members, and attack the woman in public. Stripping the woman to humiliate her and beating her are common events in these kinds of attacks.

Men who are caught in the act sometimes get a little bit of a beating or some humiliation as well, but not usually nearly as much as the woman. In some cultures, men are not held responsible for their sexual behavior. Women are blamed for tempting men.

Making things worse, in countries where this kind of ‘punishment’ is common, many bystanders just allow it to happen without intervening. In these cultures, people believe that the woman had a good slut-shaming coming to her for getting involved with a married man at all.

They believe the wife deserves her ‘revenge’ and that it’s the family’s business. Even police rarely make arrests in these ‘family squabbles’.

Source: Dailymail
Photo: Dailymail

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