16-Year-Old Who Violently Raped Four Classmates Will Be Tried As Adult

A 16-year-old high school student is facing two dozen counts related to the rape of four of his classmates. The minor is being charged as an adult and, if convicted, he could spend life in prison.

He's being held on $200,000 bail.

Maysen Melton is only 16 years old, but the teen is facing some disturbing charges, such as kidnapping, sexual assault, and child pornography. Over the last two years, the teen allegedly raped at least four fellow students at Shadow Ridge High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The victims, ages 15 through 18, were targeted on school grounds, as well as at Melton's father's house when the father was not home. The young man was reportedly familiar with his victims and would get them in vulnerable positions before he allegedly became increasingly violent with them.

According to reports, Melton would take nude photos of the victims, then use the photos to blackmail them if they refused to send him more.

The prosecutor says he 'violently raped' the victims, and at least two of them were contemplating suicide over the attacks and the manipulation.

Melton has faced consequences for deviant sexual behavior before. It’s unclear exactly what crime he was convicted of when he was a young teen because he was tried as a minor at the time and court documents have been sealed to protect him.

Considering the punishment, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to reason that the crime must have been sexual in nature even back then.

From 2014 to 2016, the boy was placed in a sex offender program in the juvenile court system. It was supposedly the ‘strictest’ juvenile sex offender program the state has to offer.

According to Melton's attorney, the strict system didn’t do anything to help his client. He blames the system for failing to help the young man.

"One thing we can all agree on is that the juvenile system was a miserable failure and did nothing to help the community or this young man," he said.

Melton was again arrested in May for his current charges and has been under house arrest since then. He was expelled from his former school and enrolled in Palo Verde as a junior.

He attended Palo Verde until this week. During his hearing, the judge ordered that he be taken into custody and held on bond.

"I have some serious concerns for the girls who go to that school," said the prosecuting attorney to the judge. "This defendant, honestly, is a predator. It’s the same thing over and over. He gets these girls in these intimate situations."

The judge continued, "He pushes them on the ground, throws them on the ground, trips them onto the ground, pulls their pants down. He does not heed any of their nos, does not heed to any of their resistance."

It's unclear if Melton will remain a student at Palo Verde for the time being. The defense attorney criticized the hefty bail, claiming that his client has been free on his own recognizance for months and that there was no need for it.

“The district attorney is taking the position that punishment should occur prior to conviction, that Maysen’s guilty and should be placed in jail and punished before a jury ever hears his case,” said defense attorney Dustin Marcello.

According to the prosecutor, Melton recently obtained a driver's license, making him a greater flight risk.
Source: Dailymail
Photos: LVMPD, Facebook via Daily Mail

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