Veterans and Families of Military Are Furious With Trump's Memorial Day Tweets

Monday was Memorial Day, so the President was naturally expected to make some public statement regarding the federal holiday. The day is about honoring those in the armed forces who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country, so who better to sum up the nation's sentiments than the Commander-in-Chief himself?

Trump, as expected, did put out a tweet, but it wasn't very well received by veterans, or by the family members of those fallen soldiers.

Trump's tweet for Memorial Day fell flat with the internet, as many people felt the president was making it about him rather than about those who died for our country in the Armed Forces.

"Happy Memorial Day!" Trump wrote bright and early on Monday morning. "Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. Best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18years), rebuilding our Military and so much more. Nice!"

VoteVets, an organization that has some 500,000 members, says the president's unabashed self-promotion on the holiday was 'appalling'.

"This is the most inappropriate #MemorialDay comment that a @POTUS has ever made. Self-promotion on a day to remember the fallen, and wishing those remembering their deceased loved ones a “happy” holiday is appalling," read the VoteVets response.

Many family members of fallen soldiers took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

"I’m tired of him and his administration trying to use our deceased service members, like my husband, to lay claim to his actions. I know my husband would have been appalled and angry at the lack of integrity and ethics as well as the increasingly racist rhetoric and actions," wrote one person.

"My god, I read that and now I'm tears. My son didn't die for his rhetoric, for his propaganda, his bigotry & racism. He'd be so sickened by this! And fyi trump, nothing "happy" about today. My son's body came home on Memorial Day 2007, am I suppose to celebrate that?" wrote another.

“Mr. President: My father was MIA in Vietnam for 30 years. I will visit him at Arlington today. There is nothing “happy” about #MemorialDay,” tweeted another.

Some slammed Trump by calling him 'Cadet Bonespur', referring to one reason Trump managed to escape serving in Vietnam.

The GOP overall got a tongue lashing from people on the internet because it attempted to raise funds for Trump's re-election by offering a Memorial Day Sale. A number of Trump/Pence merchandise, patriotic items and 'MAGA' merchandise was offered at 25% off.

"Memorial Day is for remembering those who actually SERVED and gave their all. Not for buying overpriced made in China crap," complained one person.

Other people argued that many businesses have Memorial Day sales.

"For everybody complaining about this sale, NEWS FLASH: EVERYBODY HAS SALES THIS WEEKEND! If Trump didn’t put his stuff on sale, you would all still be claiming that he doesn’t support the men and women who have died for this country because he didn’t have a Memorial Day sale," one person said.

The president spent Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery, paying tribute to the fallen.

"We mourn alongside their families and we strive to be worthy of their sacrifice," he said in his comments at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

"They were generals and privates, captains and corporals of every race, color and of every creed, but they were all brothers and sisters in arms. And they were all united then, as they are united now, forever, by their undying love of our great country."

Source: Huffington Post
Photos: Gage Skidmore, Army

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