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Unauthorized Memoir Paints Unflattering Portrait of Former President Barack Obama

A former White House aide released a new book about his experience in the West Wing, and it paints a less-than-flattering picture of the former president and his administration. According to the book, Barack Obama was obsessed with golf and celebrities, and had a penchant for wearing tight sweatpants, white socks and sandals behind the scenes.

Pat Cunnane became a White House press staffer in February 2011, and the former Obama aide has shared some of his experience in a book detailing his five years on the job. For the most part, Obama has been protected by the press and his White House staff, but Cuanne was not holding back anything.

According to the writer, the White House from 2009 through 2017 was dubbed 'Hollywood East' due to the sheer number of celebrities that would visit. He claims Obama was star-struck and loved celebrities, and that they, in turn, were star-struck by the popular, young Commander-in-Chief with a reputation for being cool.

Cunnane said he coined the phrase, 'Got that sun in your eyes', which he used when people were behaving differently in proximity to someone deemed cool.

The writer says it happened 'more than I could imagine'.

"You never knew who you would run into on the way to the mess, or who was waiting for you to exit the restroom," he wrote. "We had no shortage of high profile guests at the White House."

Big names like Oprah, Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan and more came to fawn over Mr. Obama, and apparently Obama loved it.

Apparently, Jerry Seinfeld told Obama that he was the coolest president in history.

Obama gave the press wranglers a run for their money due to his love for golf. Whenever the president wanted to hit a few balls, press wranglers were given the challenging task of keeping reporters and photographers at bay. Cunnane said Obama became ‘obsessed’ with golf and would try to escape to play when he could at Joint Base Andrews, JBA, the US Air Force facility that housed the president's planes.

Press wranglers had to get very creative to deceive the press about the president’s whereabouts so every time he teed off it wouldn’t end up in the paper.

The author also says that Obama could bore the press and his aides if his game wasn’t going right.“ A duffed chip or missed putt could draw out trite, stretched analogies to a failed policy or flawed rollout from a bored press pool,” writes Cunnane.

Obama would apparently get bored with them as well, and occasionally would make a break for it to have a quiet cup of coffee on his own. Of course, when the president slips out unnoticed, all hell breaks loose.

One day the hand radios were buzzing with the phrase, “The Bear is loose!”

Shortly afterward they spotted a commotion on Pennsylvania Avenue and discovered Obama having some Starbucks.

“C'mon guys, give me some space,” Obama complained when they found them.

“The poor guy just wanted to take a walk, but it was a reminder that he couldn't,” Cunnane writes.

The book, ‘West Winging It: An Un-presidential Memoir’, is slated to be released on April 17.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: White House, Amazon

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