Trump Shouts His 2020 Campaign Slogan: "Keep America Great"

First Donald Trump promised to 'Make America Great Again' in the 2016 election. Now, Trump has made his new campaign promise for 2020: 'Keep America Great'. The president announced the new spin on his campaign slogan at a rally in Indiana this week.

President Trump attended an extremely enthusiastic rally last night in Elkhart, Indiana. The audience of approximately 7,000 packed a middle school gym, as people cheered and applauded for the POTUS.

Trump spoke for an hour. Though the event was billed as a tax event, Trump jumped from one timely topic to another. He mentioned his campaign in 2016, unemployment rates for black people reaching historic lows, unemployment rates for women falling, the rise of the phrase 'Merry Christmas' again and protecting the Second Amendment.

He also teased that he's got big new plans for healthcare. Trump is still promising to deliver that wall, as well.

Mr. Trump brought up the US-North Korea summit and took a fresh dig at the mainstream media for their previous predictions about him bringing about the end of the world as we know it.

“You remember everybody in the fake news when they were saying, ‘he’s going to get us into a nuclear war!’” Trump reminded the crowd. "I think it’s going to be a very big success. But my attitude is: and if it isn’t, it isn’t okay?”

Some have questioned whether Trump would run for re-election in 2020, and Trump is trying to prove them wrong. At the height of the rally, Trump debuted his 2020 campaign slogan.

"This is a first for Indiana. Our new slogan for 2020, you know what it is? Keep America Great! Keep America Great!” he said.

“We are doing so well that in another two years when we start the heavy campaign, 'Make America Great Again' wouldn't work out too well," the president added.

President Trump urged Republicans to turnout for the midterm election vote.

"Now if Joe Donnelly, Sleepin' Joe, and the Democrats get back into power, remember what I said, they will raise your taxes," the president warned the crowd. "They will destroy your jobs, and they are going to knock the hell out of your borders."

Sen. Joe Donnelly's seat is up in November, and the GOP is looking to snatch the seat from the Democratic party. They're counting on Trump's popularity in the state, as well as Mike Pence's ties to the state, to help propel former state representative and businessman Mike Braun, who won Tuesday's primaries in the state, to a win against Donnelly in November.

The Trump-loving audience booed Donnelly when his name was brought up.
Trump has already instructed his lawyer to trademark the 'Keep America Great' phrase, both with and without an exclamation point, according to the Washington Post.

The phrase has already been popping up on hats, t-shirts and other merchandise, on conservative websites and blogs, and even on Kanye West posters. In April, the hip hop artist's face began appearing on posters plastered all over major cities, such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, with the slogan 'Keep America Great' and the hashtag “#KANYE2024.”

According to West, he has no idea who is putting up the ads, but it is no one on his payroll. Just an avid fan, it appears, with big dreams that the celebrity's future is in politics. Now, it looks like if he does, he might have to come up with a new slogan.

Source: AOL
Photos: Darron Birgenheier, Air Force Special Operations Command, 123rd Airlift Wing

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