Tiffany Trump Splits from Long-Time Boyfriend Due to Law School Stress

It seems the Trump family is struggling with relationships these days. Rumors say that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania are strained by allegations that he had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa, have announced that after 12 years of marriage and five children, they're getting a divorce. A new report confirmed by People Magazine is that Tiffany Trump, the youngest Trump daughter, broke up with her long-time boyfriend after heading off to law school in the fall.

Over the summer, Tiffany and Ross Mechanic met as undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania. Mechanic, a computer science major and registered Democrat, and Tiffany had been dating for approximately two years, and things looked like they were getting serious for the couple. Over the months they were together, streams of photos and selfies began to appear on their social media pages.

According to one report, Tiffany spent the summer at the Mechanic's family home in the Hamptons. According to some reports, her mother, Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples, also spent some time there.

Mechanic seemed to get the stamp of approval from the Trump family. He interned as a data engineer in a real-estate investment company co-founded by Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband. He owns a copy of President Trump's book, 'The Art of the Deal', which is signed by the man himself.

“To the greatest real estate lawyer in the world, best wishes, Donald," it reads.

Mechanic even accompanied Tiffany to the Republican National Convention in Ohio and to one of the presidential debates, though it's unclear if he voted for his girlfriend's father.

The 24-year-old president's daughter spent part of the summer with Mechanic abroad. The two were spotted in Germany and Hungary together before Tiffany took off to meet up with Maples in Italy. She spent the rest of her vacation with her mother on a yacht of the coast, occasionally entertaining friends, or making shore visits to shop and dine.

Once the summer ended, Tiffany headed to Washington D.C. to start Georgetown Law School. According to reports, the move from New York to D.C. stressed out the young grad student a great deal, and she and Mechanic decided to call it quits.

Apparently, this split happened in the fall, but Miss. Trump has kept a low profile and protected her privacy since she started law school. The two decided to keep the break-up under wraps to avoid publicity.

Some suspected that the two had been growing apart. The last photo Tiffany had shared on Instagram of Mechanic was last July. The photo was of Mechanic's graduation, and it featured the two of them walking hand in hand, turning to smile for the camera.

"Walking into adulthood," the caption read.

Mechanic stopped posting photos of Tiffany as well, and in January he posted one photo of himself with another woman. He was visiting the Museum of Modern Art with Carly Berns, a 22-year-old PR specialist.

While that post raised eyebrows, Mechanic practically confirmed his split from Tiffany when he posted a photo of himself and Berns on Valentine's Day using a heart emoji. He then switched his Instagram account to private.

The split was 'cordial', reports Us Weekly. A source told them that Tiffany is 'taking law school seriously'.

Source: People
Photos:Scribol, Instagram, Youtube

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