Stormy Daniels Releases New Fragrance, Some Speculate There's A Hidden Meaning

Stephanie Clifford, known better by her professional name Stormy Daniels, is certainly making the most of her 15 minutes of fame. The adult film star's marketing team must be going overboard as the spotlight is on the porn actress in the midst of a White House scandal. Some believe that Daniels is leading up to something big.

Daniels first got attention when it came to light that she had signed a non-disclosure agreement for President Donald Trump's private attorney in exchange for $130,000. The NDA was signed just before the 2016 presidential election.

Daniels allegedly had a one-night stand with Trump back in 2006. He was married to First Lady Melania Trump at the time. The NDA was an attempt to prevent Daniels from speaking publicly about the affair, but it was too late.

Daniels had already given an interview about her affair to a magazine in 2011. She reported that she had the affair with Trump who, at the time, was a reality star and businessman. Her story was corroborated by others at the time, and Daniels even passed a lie detector test.

Ultimately, the story was killed before it went to print. Trump's lawyers had threatened, and the magazine didn't feel it was worth the trouble. That changed when Trump made a career change and pursued politics.

Breaking the NDA, Daniels spoke publicly about the affair. She's also suing Trump and his attorney, Michael Cohen, to have the NDA declared invalid.

Daniels has been using her time in the spotlight well. In addition to multiple interviews, she also launched a 'Make America Horny Again tour. In one appearance she was reportedly paid to stomp on Cheetos, the crunchy orange snack to which Trump's complexion is often compared.

Daniels is now releasing a gender-neutral fragrance named 'Embrace Your Truth'.

The fragrance is being produced in partnership with the brand It's The Bomb, a naughty soap and sensual scents company.

Daniels recently released the campaign on Instagram with an ad and the caption, “It’s finally here!”

A black-and-white video ad features Daniels in a tux strolling around a mansion and getting out of a car in front of the paparazzi. “Truth can be thought of as just a temporary belief of knowing something in a moment of time until it advances and then changes," says the caption across the screen.

Some are wondering just what Daniels' truth is, and what this all means. Many have speculated she has proof of the affair, which the president denies. Her own attorney has been posting teasers, such as an image of a CD in a vault, implying there are photos or videos being withheld from the public. Daniels has also been spotted wearing a key charm necklace, which many are interpreting to mean that she has the key to the facts in this case.

Others feel the porn star is just doing what President Trump would do-- capitalizing on the issue.

"Way to go girl, monetize the hell out of this just like You-Know-Who would!" one person cheered.

"I don't usually wear perfume, but I would totally spite purchase this," said another.

"Lol - impressive business woman - only bad publicity is no publicity, right?" noted another.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: You Tube, Fox News

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