Second Lady Karen Pence Illustrated Children's Book about Pence Bipartisan Family Pet

Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, has added a new skill to her resume: illustrator. Mrs. Pence just illustrated a political children's book about the family's black-and-white pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo Pence. Don't worry, though—he may be patriotic, but he’s nonpartisan. Anyone will find Bundo enjoyable.

Charlotte Pence, the second couple's 24-year-old daughter, recently penned the children's book, 'Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President'. The writer and filmmaker based the book on the family pet.

Charlotte found Bundo being sold in a Craigslist ad in 2013 when she was a student at DePaul University in Chicago. The little rabbit got his name because when Charlotte asked the advertiser how much he wanted for the rabbit, the person gave the Godfather-like response, "Make me an offer."

What the offer was is unclear, but it was accepted, and Bundo joined the Pence family.

Charlotte turned to her mother, Karen, to provide the watercolor illustrations of the book. A creative person, Mrs. Pence took classes in watercolor painting after giving birth to her first child. She turned her artistic interests into a career.

She started painting houses and historic buildings on commission. She also started a business making towel charms-- small charms to help people identify their towel when they're among others.

The book features Marlon Bundo, who the family jokingly refers to as 'BOTUS' (Bunny of the United States) since Mr. Pence took office. The book is a look through Bundo's eyes as he hops around after 'Grandpa' (Mr. Pence) throughout the day.

Bundo is already pretty famous; he has his own Instagram account, with a respectable 16,000 followers, making him one of the most popular bunnies on social media. His very first photo was taken on the desk of the VP on his first day in office.

“Had a productive first day as #botus working hard to #makeamericagreatagain!” the caption read.

Ever since then, Bundo has been a big hit.

“About dang time there is a bunny in the White House,” wrote one Instagram fan.

“I am a Democrat, but am happy to know the second family loves their pets. MarlonBundo is darling as are the Pence cats,” said another.

Photos on his account feature him reading the Constitution of the United States, taking important phone calls or signing documents, as well as getting in a bit of physical fitness. Bundo likes to put in some time on the treadmill. In other photos, Bundo tries on new fashions, or is caught hanging out with his ‘sister’, the family cat.

A latest photo features Bundo checking out a newspaper article about himself. His new book is slated to be released on March 19.

Bundo is among a handful of famous political pets. Former President Barack Obama's family pets include Portuguese water dogs Bo and Sunny, who could often be spotted lounging on the White House lawn.

Former President George W. Bush is regularly spotted carrying his Scottish terrier, Barney, along with him. In the 1990s, the Clintons introduced the first 'First Cat', socks.

Bundo may be one of the first putting social media to work for him in furthering his career though. He's a modern bunny. Vice President Pence might want to watch his step, Bundo may challenge him one election year.

Source: Vanity Fair
Photos: Indy Star, Nixon Foundation, Amazon, Gage Skidmore

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