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Popular 'Countdown Calendar' Shows Days Until Trump's Presidency Ends

A countdown clock of some sort is always a great addition when people are anticipating a certain event. You can find countdown clocks for holidays, for vacations, for weddings, and a variety of special events online these days, or you can purchase countdown calendars to put up in your own home.

One home owner in Seattle, Washington put up a special clock over his garage, and it has become extremely popular with Trump's critics.

A homeowner put up a countdown over his garage that counts the days until Trump's presidency ends. At least, it counts down the days for Trump's first term, according to KIR07, a local news station.

The person who originally made the calendar owned the house last year, and changed it every day to keep up with the count until they hoped Trump would be out of office. He even began an Instagram account, 'Trump_Counter', and posted a photo every day of the changed sign. The first day announced there were '1436 DAYS LEFT'.

As the Trump counter began getting a following, he started writing messages on his postings.

"On Thanksgiving Day, as the President is aggrieved that more Americans aren’t expressing gratitude for him, we are thankful for all those who are committed to resisting his immoral, ignorant and incompetent Presidency. And resist we shall. Happy Thanksgiving," read a message written in November.

"999. 999. 999. At last," read a message from April, when the clock ticked down under 1,000. "Triple digits feels a lot better than four. We are going to survive this awful time no matter how long it takes. We, all of us, and America too, are better than this. And we’re better than him. In the words of “Vinegar” Joe Stilwell, “Illegitimi non carborundum.”

The mock-Latin aphorism is taken to mean, "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

The countdown most recently reads that there are '929 DAYS LEFT'.

Ownership of the house actually changed hands after the election, but the clock keeps ticking. Lily Onnen and her husband purchased the home with the contractual condition that they were required to keep up the clock, and the Instagram account.

Onnen, who does not support President Trump, was happy to continue with it.

“It’s a message of hope,” Onnen told the news outlet. “For me the more the number shrinks, the more hopeful I get.”

Early on, one Instagram user asked the original owner what he would do if Trump gets reelected. "trump_counterYikes! Hard to fathom. We would just have to start over. Let's hope for a better outcome," the countdown owner wrote.

Onnan confirms that the clock would just start over. “We would reset the clock. We would start all over,” she said to KIRO7.

The clock has gained quite a following, both online and in person. People drive by just to get a glimpse of the countdown and cheer it on with all the enthusiasm of young children keeping an eye on an advent calendar as it leads up to Christmas.

Neighbor Zawdie Terry thinks it is a harmless means of political expression, and doesn't feel it is disrespectful. “Even if you support the current president, it’s just a countdown,” he said.

Source: KIRO 7
Photos: KIRO 7 Screenshots

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