Patton Oswalt Reveals Email Friend Sent Before Doing Unthinkable

Celebrity chef, author and food critic Anthony Bourdain left many friends mourning after he took his life last week. The world was stunned to discover that the 61-year-old had been struggling with such severe depression.

Friends have come forward sharing memories of how outspoken and honest the world traveler was.

Patton Oswalt shared an email he got from Bourdain on Sunday. Oswalt and Bourdain were friends, so when the actor was getting married to actress Meredith Salenger in 2017, he sought Bourdain's advice.

Oswalt and Salenger were planning a honeymoon in Paris, and many friends and family had been giving them lists of things to do on their visit. He sent the list to Bourdain for his opinion.

“I’m a fan and an admirer so gotta tell you this is no way to enjoy Paris,” Bourdain said. “F--k them. All of them.”

Bourdain then gave Oswalt and Salenger some of his favorite places to eat, and probably the best advice a seasoned traveler can give.

“Try and plan as little as possible," Bourdain told Oswalt.

“I love and miss him,” Oswalt said with a screenshot of the old email.

Brazilian chef Alex Atala of the famous D.O.M. restaurant in Sao Paulo tells Time Magazine that Bourdain 'wanted to taste everything'.

“He was such a curious guy,” Atala said, remembering a time they ended up at a stall selling herbs and spices in a Brazilian street market.

“The vendor didn’t know who he was, so he asked, ‘who is this gringo?’” Atala shares. “But Tony was so expressive as he tried things that even though they didn’t speak each others’ language, you could see that they really understood each other. In that moment I felt like I could really see his soul. He was so good at human connection.”

"For me, the word that best describes Tony is passion," said CNN's John Berman, co-host of 'New Day'. "He just felt so much passion for what he did and what he saw. I don't think he ever had no opinion on something. It wasn't like, 'Meh, whatever.'"

"He was exactly as you see on television. You know, he was funny, he was sarcastic, he had a dark sense of humor," said CNN's Anderson Cooper on the 'Remembering Anthony Bourdain' documentary aired this weekend.

Cooper admits it's 'hard to even talk about him in the past tense at this point'.

"At This Hour" anchor Kate Bolduan remembers that whenever she would tape with Bourdain, "I would always, like, yell back at him, 'In my next life, I'm coming back as Anthony Bourdain!' And he'd turn and look at me and be like, 'OK, OK, good luck with that one.' But I think that's why -- that is not unique to me, right? Everybody wanted to be a little bit of Anthony Bourdain. You know, over-liquored, overfed, traveling the world, having fun, connecting with people, and getting paid to do it."

Tributes and condolences just keep pouring out from around the world since the star was found dead on Friday morning in his hotel room in France, and it’s incredible how many live Bourdain touched with his up-front, no-nonsense attitude.

Source: Huffington Post
Photos: Peabody Awards/Flickr, Gage Skidmore

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