Now That Donald Trump Jr. Is Single Again, He's Working On Himself

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa, announced last month that after 12 years of marriage and five children, they would be calling it quits. Now that the two are splitting, it looks like the president's eldest son is trying to get in shape and give himself a makeover.

Maybe he's looking to get back out there and play the field.

The 40-year-old business shared some photos of himself on social media on Saturday showing that he's focused on getting in shape. He posted a photo of himself looking sweaty and disheveled at the gym.

“Nothing like #crossfit in 100% humidity. Hit it hard today!!” he said.

It's no secret that exercise is a great way to relieve stress, and DJTJ probably has a lot of that with running his father's empire, the state of politics under President Donald Trump's administrations, the scandals rocking the Trump family and the upcoming divorce.

One particular issue that probably has Trump Jr. stressed out is the fact that an affair he had with Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day. The two allegedly hooked up back in 2011 after meeting on the set of 'Celebrity Apprentice'. On the heels of his divorce, news of the relationship broke.

Apparently, the affair with O'Day was pretty serious. It's rumored that the couple were thinking about having a child together, even though, at the time, Vanessa was pregnant with Trump Jr.'s child. A source told US they were 'trying for one'.

It appears to have been a very rough break-up for O'Day. She wrote a series of songs about affairs gone wrong after they broke up. One song is even entitled 'DJT', Trump's initials. Another talks about how he didn't want to ruin his family name so he chickened out of the affair even though he loved her.

Hours after his workout, Trump Jr. then posted a picture of himself on Instagram to show off his new haircut. “Time to chop the mullet off #haircut," he wrote.

In the photo, he's in the hairstylists chair, with someone running their fingers through his brown locks.

Both of the pictures were placed in a folder on his account labeled 'Me Stuff', which is highlighted. Another picture in the folder features a shot of Trump Jr. with two his children, 5-year-old Spencer and 3-year-old Chloe.

The affair with O’Day has long been over, and now his marriage is over as well, so it looks like the father of five is just enjoying a little me time as he contemplates his next move.

Affairs seem to be plaguing the Trump family right now. Two women have come forward in the past month to reveal they have had affairs with President Donald Trump. Stormy Daniels, and adult film star, alleges she slept with Mr. Trump once in 2005, and that before the election she was forced to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and was paid $130,000 in hush money.

Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model, says she had an affair with the then-reality star at about the same time, and that it lasted for 10 months. Both women are now suing the president, causing a great deal of stress for the Trump administration.

Source: AOL
Photos: Instagram,

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