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Melania Trump Hates Life in the White House, Which She Called a '24/7 Tornado'

First Lady Melania Trump should be living the dream: she's immigrant who managed to take off in a successful modeling career, she became an American citizen, married a billionaire and became First Lady. You would think a story like that should have a happy ending, but sources say Melania is just not loving her life with Trump, especially since he became president.

People reports that anonymous sources confirm that she continues to be miserable.

Mrs. Trump did not look very happy when her husband was inaugurated. In one famous meme, she was caught on camera smiling at her husband, but when he turned her face dropped like a stone. She didn't spend a lot of time traveling with him on the campaign trail, and after he transitioned into the White House she remained in New York City for months.

The official reason Melania stayed behind was that she wanted Barron to finish out the school year with friends. That may be true, but media outlets reported anonymous sources that buzzed about how she was devastated that Trump won the 2016 election.

Rumors said Melania was having an affair and had already drawn up the divorce papers, which she planned to hand over right after he lost the election. Him winning locked her into four more years as Trump's wife and First Lady.

A new source reports to People that Melania is 'furious' about how things are going in the White House. Her life has become a '24/7 tornado'.

“What’s happening is exactly what she didn’t want to happen,” the source says. “They’ve literally become like the Kardashians: scandals, divorces, headlines.”

The latest scandal with the Trumps involves allegations that he had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels back in 2005, which started while Melania was still recovering from giving birth to Barron. The details of an unpublished 2011 interview went into specifics about sexual encounters, and Daniels is threatening to spill more.

One of the biggest presidential scandals in recent history could be on the horizon, and Melania is bracing for it.

Melania is an introvert and private person, and she struggles in doing her First Lady duties.

“She doesn’t have a lot to say. She’s not a conversationalist overall. With her friends, yes... But at a state dinner or with other leaders, she’s not one to step up and lead conversation,” the source says. “She’s so soft-spoken. And so she’s just looking around at everything that’s going on and throwing her hands up.”

Some reports have said that she doesn't want this position and is not happy. She's longing to go back to a private life.

“She was able to do whatever she wanted and have her family with her much of the time,” said another source, according to People.

Michael Wolff, who wrote, 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,' claims that the Trumps even have separate bedrooms inside the White House.

The reports about Melania's misery keep making headlines, however it should be noted that almost all sources are anonymous and unconfirmed. If the FLOTUS is unhappy, she’s not saying it publicly, nor are her family or her representatives.

In fact, her husband and her spokesperson keep insisting she ‘loves’ being First Lady and is ‘honored’ by her position.

Source: People
Photos: Joint Base Andrews, White House

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