Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Get No Peace As Neighbors Stage Protests In Front Of Their Home

When President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner, moved to Washington D.C. so they could work for the president's administration, they probably thought Kalorama would be the perfect neighborhood for their family.

After all, the elite neighborhood is where some of the wealthiest people in the world live, so they probably thought it would be a peaceful place to live. As it turns out, the couple has only become a target for the neighborhood's wrath.

Residents of Kalorama have staged a protest in front of Ivanka and Kushner's house. Dozens of people came out into the street to protest President Trump's policy of splitting up families at the southern border, and the administration's slow-going attempt to reunite children and parents.

Riley Temple, a 69-year-old woman who lives in the neighborhood, tells the media that it isn't very common for people in the historic neighborhood to hassle each other about politics. It's such a nice and quiet neighborhood that former President Obama's family moved into it after leaving the White House.

A lot of politicians have lived in the neighborhood, which is close to the White House, and most have been left to live in peace. The people of Kalorama are making an exception in this case because they are so upset about Trump's handling of immigration.

"This is a first," Temple, a retired lawyer and theology teacher, said to the Daily Mail. "These were all Kalorama neighbors. Under normal circumstances we would never protest outside a home. But these are not normal circumstances."

"We shattered the custom because they have shattered civility," she added.

Locals gathered together on Wednesday evening outside the Trump-Kushner home with candles and signs. One sign read 'Love thy neighbor,' a Bible quote.

Another read 'You own this; Tell Daddy enough!'

One sign simply read 'reunited'.

Trump did reverse the policy of taking the children of illegal immigrants at the border, however there had already been approximately 3,000 families affected. A federal court ordered more than 100 children under the age of five to be reunited with their families by Tuesday, and the administration fell short of that deadline.

There are at least 20 children who have still not been reunited, and another 24 children who the government says can't be reunited because it would be unsafe for them or because their parents are in jail.

The protest was planned when the Trump administration failed to meet the deadline, even though the court gave the Trump administration an extension on the original deadline. The administration has been causing delays because of DNA tests being given to parents and children to ensure they are really related.

Approximately 30 people from the neighborhood and local houses of worship showed up to the peaceful protest because of the sloppy handling of the ‘zero-tolerance’ border policy.

Temple, who opposes the policies, said neighbors felt compelled to speak out. "These separation polices, the inability to bring (migrant families separated at the border) back together are crimes against humanity. And we didn't want our customary silence and customary respectful distance to be seen, in any way, as assent to these policies."

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: White House

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