"If I Did It" Was O.J.'s Confession of Murder, Says Publisher

According to the publisher of O.J. Simpson's shocking book, "If I Did It," there really weren't any 'if's' about it. She says Simpson's lawyer called her to pitch the book, claiming that his client was ready to confess.

The only reason Simpson insisted the 'if' be put in there was because he wanted to be able to continue to deny the murder to his children.

Judith Regan gave an interview to Fox news, which was cut from the upcoming Fox special: "OJ: The Lost Confession."

The show, slated to air Sunday, March 11, was filmed back in 2006. It was meant to be a promotion for Simpson's book, "If I Did It," which was supposed to give a 'hypothetical' account of how Simpson would have murdered his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

The book, ghostwritten by Pablo Fenjves, was supposed to be published by ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins, and the Fox special was filmed to help promote it. During a lengthy interview, O.J. tells the audience in his own words how he and an accomplice would have committed the double homocide.

When the book was announced, however, it sparked a tremendous backlash from the public. The release was canceled, as was the Fox special.

Ron Goldman's father, Fred Goldman, sued to be given rights to the book. After being acquitted of murder in a federal court, Simpson had lost a civil suit filed by the Goldman family and was found responsible for the murders.

He was ordered to pay $33 million to the family for the wrongful death, but had never paid anything. Mr. Goldman won the rights to the book, and published it under the title, "If I Did It: Confessions Of The Killer."

The 'If' is in extremely small letters in comparison, making the title look like it reads, 'I Did It'.

"Actually I received a phone call from an attorney who said OJ is ready to confess," Regan explains in a clip of the old interview, obtained by TMZ.

"I thought it was some kind of scam and I didn't believe him and I thought this guy's a lunatic, but I took his number and said I'd call him back. And the next day I called him back and he said he was willing to do it and the only condition that he had was he didn't want to call the book I Did It, he wanted to put an If in front of it so that he would have deniability with his children."

"He couldn't face his children and couldn't tell them that he had done it. That was the way it was portrayed to me," she explained.

During Simpson’s portion of the interview slated to air on Sunday, Simpson allegedly slips up and inadvertently confesses to the murders. The majority of the story he tells is from the third person, but at one point, when he describes killing Nicole, he slips into first-person narration.

"Forget everything you think you know about that night, because I know the facts better than anyone. This is one story the whole world got wrong," teases in the interview.

People may not have gotten it as wrong as he thinks.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Oldmaison, Alan Light, News Day

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