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Fox Set To Air 'Lost' O.J. Simpson 'Confession' Video

In 2006, just a year before fallen football hero O.J. Simpson went to jail for kidnapping and robbery, he gave an interview to Fox news. The topic was the infamous murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in 1994.

Teasers say the interview is as close to a confession as O.J. has ever publicly come.

Simpson was acquitted of the double homicide in what was dubbed the 'trial of the century'. Even though he didn't go to jail for the murders, most people are still convinced that he is responsible.

Some of Simpson's closest friends at the time claim they think he is guilty, and a couple have even claimed that he confessed to them in confidence that he did kill Nicole and Goldman. In a wrongful death civil trial, Simpson was found responsible for the murders, and he was ordered to pay the families of the deceased more than $33 million in damages.

Twelve years after the murders, Simpson's life had taken a downward spiral. He was nearly broke, virtually unhirable, and had suffered one legal problem after another.

The spotlight-loving Simpson was doing just about everything he could to keep himself relevant so that he could continue to profit from autographs and his sports memorabilia. One thing he began doing was talking about how he 'would have' murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, 'if' he did it.

An interview recorded by Fox News in 2006 was never aired. Simpson tells viewers how he 'hypothetically' would have committed the brutal murders back in 1994, if he had been inclined to do so.

He claims he would have gone to his ex-wife's house to 'scare the sh-t out of her'. He says he would have brought an accomplice with him. He then goes into describing the murders in chilling detail.

"Forget everything you think you know about that night, because I know the facts better than anyone. This is one story the whole world got wrong," Simpson says in the trailer.

"Does he confess?" the trailer teases. "You be the judge."

The documentary airs on Sunday, March 11. If you can't wait that long, you might check out a book, 'If I Did It', penned by ghostwriter Pablo Fenjves.

The writer was actually a witness at the trial because he lived a few doors down from Nicole and heard her dog barking that night at about the time of the murder. The documentary was an intent to generate interest and fuel book sales, but Fox ultimately cancelled it due to a backlash when news of the project leaked out.

It was considered to be ‘in poor taste’ at the time.

The book was eventually published, though the Goldman family won the rights to it since Simpson had never paid them their award from the civil trial. Ron Goldman’s father published it under the title, ‘If I Did It: Confessions of The Killer.’

On the book cover, the word ‘if’ is made extremely small in comparison to the other letters.

Now, another 12 years down the road, with interest in the case not dying down and Simpson freshly out of jail from an unrelated case, the lost documentary will finally see the light of day.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: YouTube

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