Former NFLer’s Frightening Social Media Post Prompts Closure Of His Former High School

In the wake of yet another horrifying school shooting, tensions remain incredibly high across the nation. The shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida claimed 17 lives.

Students, families, and educators across the nation are terrified, and that doesn’t even account for the trauma of those that had to live through the carnage of having their school shot up. The debate over gun control has ratcheted up to unbelievable levels, and the whole situation is being exacerbated by the slew of red flags that were missed by federal and local officials.

Using that atmosphere as a backdrop, there’s absolutely no room for incendiary posts on social media that suggest a copycat situation is right around the corner. Unfortunately, that hasn’t prevented irresponsible folks from posting such things, and authorities that are alerted to them are rightfully responding with zero tolerance in mind.

Former NFL player Jonathan Martin has just learned that first hand after his frightening post led to his former high school shutting down for the day.

As the New York Post shares, Martin shared a post that featured a shotgun and ammo. The gun was brandished with the names of his former high school, Harvard Westlake, and his former NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.

Also included were the names of four people that have allegedly bullied him in the past.      

“When you’re a bully victim and a coward, your options are suicide or revenge,” he wrote.

His post quickly gained a ton of traction. The school responded by closing, and the authorities arrived to take Martin into custody.

“Last evening, we learned of an Internet post that mentions Harvard-Westlake by name. Out of an abundance of caution, and because the safety of our students, faculty, and staff is our top priority, we made the decision to close school today,” a statement from the school read in part.

“We are working closely with law enforcement and will share more information when we are able.”

About five years ago, Martin made headlines when he publicly accused several Dolphins teammates of bullying him. An ensuing investigation led to the suspension of one of the players, and Martin moved on to sign with another team.

He retired in 2015, but he publicly came forward the following year to reveal that he has contemplated suicide a number of times due to problems he has had through the years.

“You learn to tone down your size & blackness by becoming shy, introverted, friendly, so you won’t scare the little rich white kids or their parents,” he shared on social media.

“Neither black nor white people accept you because they don’t understand you. It takes away your self-confidence, your self-worth, your sanity,” he continued.

It’s truly unfortunate if Martin is that unhappy due to some traumatizing experiences that he has endured during his life. That said, his tormentors are not the ones holding him back from living the life that he chooses at this point in time. He’s doing that all by himself.

There is nothing preventing him from getting the help that he needs and pursuing it with vigor to insure that he comes out on the other side with a whole new perspective on things.

While we sincerely hope he gets there someday, we also urge the authorities in his neck of the woods to go over everything with a fine toothed comb to insure he doesn’t pose even the slightest threat to anyone else.  

Source: NY Post
Photo: YouTube

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