Eminem Adds Verse to 'Nowhere Fast', Slamming NRA and Gun Owners

Rap star Eminem performed at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday and performed 'Nowhere Fast' from his most recent studio album, 'Revival'. It seems the artist was inspired to do a little rewrite before the awards ceremony.

He added a verse speaking out against guns in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shootings.

Eminem was introduced by Big Sean, a fellow rapper from Detroit, and Alex Moscou, a survivor from the deadly shooting during which 17 people were killed. Moscou wore a 'March for Our Lives' t-shirt, promoting the upcoming Washington D.C. gun control rally.

"On February 14th, a gunman armed with a legally purchased semi-automatic rifle murdered 17 people at my high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida. We're tired of hearing politicians send their thoughts and prayers to us and doing nothing to make the necessary changes to prevent this tragedy from happening again," Moscou said.

"School is a place where we should feel safe, and if those elected to represent us won't do what's right and keep us safe, then we're gonna be too loud for them to ignore."

Eminem performed the song with Kehlani, a singer/songwriter formerly from the teen group Poplyfe.

Kehlani normally would begin the song with the lyrical chorus, but the new verse was at the very beginning of the song. "Sometimes I don't know what this world has come to, it's blowing up/ This whole country is going nuts," Eminem sang.

"And the NRA is in our way/ They're responsible for this whole production/ They hold the strings, they control the puppets / And they threaten to take away donor bucks so they know the government won't do nothing / And nobody's punching, gun owners clutching their loaded weapon / They love their guns more than our children."

The song then continued in the usual way, with Kehlani launching into the chorus.

'Nowhere Fast' was originally a vague song with a seemingly little point. The rapper looking back on his career and his position in the music industry, while simultaneously looking around at the growing culture of violence in the world. He laments over not being certain of what's to come tomorrow.

In the original track, one verse went, "Who knows what the future for us could hold / another shooter? Oh."

The rewrite seemed to energize the audience and the performance was among the highlights of the award show.

'Revival' is Eminem's ninth studio album, which he began writing and recording during the 2016 election. After Trump's unexpected win in the election, the artist seemed to take out his frustrations over the political upheaval in his work.

Several of the songs express hopelessness with politics and the future, and he criticizes Trump.

Another highlight was Cardi B's opening, in which the performer delivered an explosive medley of her top hits. The medley included songs such as "Bartier Cardi," "Motorsport" and "Bodak Yellow."

The fierce performance started the night with a bang, and the singer went on to win Best New Artist and Best New Hip-Hop Artist. Her first official album is slated to be released in April.

Taylor Swift's new video for her single 'Delicate' from her 'Reputation' album was also debut at the award show.

Source: Rolling Stone
Photos: DOD, Sebastian Vitan, Mika Photography

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