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Nutella Wasn't Broke, But They Fixed It Anyway - Consumers Are Not Happy

There’s no need to disrupt a good thing. As the age-old adage explains, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That little nugget of wisdom applies to all sorts of situations, but it’s especially relevant in the world of business.

If you have a successful product on your hands, there’s little reason to reinvent the wheel with unnecessary tinkering. Doing so can have some disastrous consequences, and there’s a gigantic example that companies across the world can refer to for reference.

Back in 1985, the powers that be at Coca-Cola insisted that its massively successful soft drink needed an overhaul. New Coke was introduced, but it quickly fizzled out.

Consumers were displeased with a new product that didn’t taste like the old one, and they were incredibly confused as to why the company felt the need to change its successful recipe. The company would eventually cave to the backlash and bring back the original formula.

Despite the valuable lessons afforded by Coca-Cola’s foibles, this situation still pops up from time to time, including this recent row that has developed over another beloved product. As Fox News shares, Nutella consumers are up in arms over some changes the company has made to its signature product.

The changes are slight - an increase in powdered skim milk and sugar content - but it’s still sparking some backlash. Ferrero, the Italian company that makes Nutella, was forced to respond to the growing controversy.

“The quality, the sourcing and all other aspects of Nutella ingredients remain the same,” Ferrero said, "The ingredients list is, as usual, displayed on the jar and on the Nutella webpage. All relevant aspects, from a diet perspective, are the same.”

While the company claims that there’s really nothing to see here, many users on social media wholeheartedly disagree.

“Are we gonna talk about how Nutella has changed its recipe and now looks and tastes different or ??? #notokay,” shared one user.

“OMG!! They are changing the recipe of #Nutella !!! NOOOOOOOO HOW DARE THEY!! Leave the sugar & coco alone!!!” added another commenter.

“If the rumours of Nutella changing their recipe are true, I’m boycotting them,” wrote another user.

While it might seem silly for folks to get riled up over such small changes, regular consumers of the product appear to like it as it was just fine. As they see it, there was no need for the recipe to change, especially when the company is contending that the changes aren’t all that significant. If they’re not significant, why did they even need to be made at all?

Perhaps Ferrero could provide some more clarity on why the changes were made, but that’s unlikely to quell the backlash. Nutella has a wealth of loyal consumers that liked things the way they were, and some users sound upset enough that they’ll move on from the product completely. That could have some disastrous consequences for the company as a whole, and we’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

In the meantime, other companies now have another case to consider when they become consumed with the urge to do some unnecessary tinkering.

Source: Fox News
Photo: YouTube, Twitter

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