World's Laziest Sheep Dog Will Make You Bust A Gut Laughing

One thing about dogs that makes them very unique in their relationship to humans is that some of them will work for us. There are other animals that can be put to work, of course, but few do it with such enthusiasm as 'man's best friend'.

In return, dedicated working pups don't even ask for a salary, or health care plan. All they want is a pat on the head and a show of appreciation - and maybe a little treat now and then.

Working dogs are sometimes on the police force, sniffing out illegal substances, tracking down criminals or helping to find people who are lost and in trouble. Some working dogs work for the armed forces, finding landmines and bombs to protect soldiers and villagers from attacks.

Other dogs work directly with humans to help them with tasks they have trouble doing on their own. Still others work on the farm, helping a farmer by keeping the other animals in line.

For one sheep dog, the power of being in charge seems to have gone to his head. But the little pooch wasn't exactly the most diligent worker on the farm.

In fact, he got caught on video being kind of lazy. Instead of running around to herd the sheep and keep them in line, or perching himself on a hill to protect them from predators, the dog was caught lying down on the job.


The video comes from scenic Fordongianus, Italy, where herds are typically guarded by corgis or collies. The dogs are trained to circle the sheep while they graze and to bark and nip at the sheep's heels if they start straying.

This one dog caught in a video decided those fluffy big sheep looked a little too much like pillows. So instead of running around on the cold ground, he climbed on top of a sheep and snuggled down.

The dog was startled when strangers passed by and saw him. They stopped to take a video, and he barked at them.

It's unclear if he was trying to ward them off to protect the sheep, or if he figured out he had been busted and didn't want his employer/owner to catch him in the act of loafing.

Either way, he didn't seem worried enough to actually get down off his wooly perch. He just gave the humans dirty looks as he and the herd walked on by.

The sheep didn't seem to mind the dog riding around on his back; then again, the dog is the boss of him, so he probably didn't have much choice. They might think the little dog is leader of their pack, or king of the farm or something.

The dog certainly seemed to act like he was entitled to the lift. The way he managed to keep his balance, even as the sheep were moving, shows it couldn’t have been his first time.

You have to wonder if the farmer knows that his dog is being lazy and laying down on the job. Maybe the dog has his timing down perfect, and knows just when to hop off and start acting like he put in a full day of labor.

Some dogs are so smart, you can't put it past them.

Source: Share Tap
Photo: YouTube

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