Woman's Sex Tape Takes The Term 'Dog Lover' To A New Level

While Scottish police officers have dealt with some strange examples of deviant sexual behavior in the past, not many of them had ever before encountered an incident like the recent case involving Suzy Cairns.

According to the Daily Mail, the 39-year-old resident of Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, landed in jail in March 2017 because of videos and photos she had on her cell phone. Law-enforcement authorities, responding to a tip from an informant, obtained a search warrant, stormed into Cairns’ home and confiscated the phone.

The police report stated that Cairns had saved “extreme pornographic images.” It is unlikely that anyone would disagree with the description.

Officers discovered that she had recorded herself having sex with her dog, a Labrador retriever. Some whipped cream reportedly was involved, as well, making the video even more bizarre.

That was not the end of the report. The police department’s Cyber Crime Unit also uncovered more than 160 sexually explicit pictures of children on the phone, according to the Edinburgh Evening News.

The photos allegedly showed the kids being sexually abused. The officers were not all that surprised, because they already knew Cairns had been trying to get child porn off the web for quite a while.

Her online activities had resulted in police flagging her Internet protocol address.

The large amount of evidence left Cairns with little choice but to plead guilty to two counts of possessing pornographic material from February 2016 to April 2017. One of the charges was based on “extreme pornographic images depicting in an explicit way a female engaging in sexual activity with a dog.”

The prosecutor in the case, Jim Robertson, told a judge: “She was interviewed and made various admissions at that time.”

Cairns is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 9, when the judge will hand down her sentence. When asked why it was taking so long to resolve the matter, officials explained that the sentencing had been deferred to give investigators time to conduct a background check and criminal-justice social-work reports.

Authorities have already entered Cairns’ name in Scotland’s sex offender registry. “You pled guilty to a serious matter which requires me to obtain reports,” Sheriff Peter Hammond told her, according to the Daily Record.

“In the meantime, I have to explain that because of your plea of guilty to a sexual offence, as of today you have become subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act.”

Robertson told the judge that the footage the woman filmed with her Labrador “appeared to be self-generated involving the accused and her pet dog.” The police department did not release details about the use of whipped cream on the video.

At last report, they had not decided what to do with the dog. The animal may get a new home, hopefully with someone who treats it much better.

The pet appeared to be alive and well when the officers showed up to bust Cairns.

The woman “was interviewed and a mobile phone was seized and examined,” Robertson recalled. “Indecent images and other images were found within the phone.”

He said that none of the pictures featured “Class A” acts of sexual penetration involving children. However, three photos showed “non-penetrative sexual activity,” which is a Class B offense.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline, YouTube

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